From Protests to Festivals, Here’s a List of Powerful Invasion Day 2024 Events

From Protests to Festivals, Here’s a List of Powerful Invasion Day 2024 Events
From Protests to Festivals, Here’s a List of Powerful Invasion Day 2024 Events

I don’t need to go into what Invasion Day means to Indigenous people in this nation. You should know that already. Instead, I am going to list all of the Invasion Day protest events of 2024 that you can show up to and support First Nations people on such a painful day.

I, like most mob, need to connect to community on days of mourning like these to be comforted and supported. I need the space to soak up my culture and come together to reflect on what we’ve lost and where we have to go.

So, for mob, here’s a list of places you can go this Invasion Day to connect to country and culture and be in the presence of love and community.

For non-Indigenous people, here’s a list of where you can show up for First Nations people and support them on a day that signifies so much violence and loss.

Although Invasion Day marks the beginning of the damaging process of colonisation in this country, it is also a time for us Indigenous people to stand strong that we are still here, we are still thriving and know that this always was and always will be our land.

So, here are the Invasion Day activities, marches, protests and community events happening this year across Australia.

What 2024 Invasion Day events are on?

New South Wales

January 26 Invasion Day events. Image: Getty

Warrang / Warrane / Sydney

Invasion Day events are being kicked off with a dawn reflection in the harbour, starting at 5:20 am until sunrise.

The Sydney Opera House sails will be lit with beautiful First Nations art. The work is a reflection on the site of Tubowgule (the land the Sydney Opera House stands on) and its rich history, present and future.

If the dawn reflection is too early for you, the WugulOra (‘One Mob’) Morning Ceremony starts at 7:30 am and ends at 8:30 am at Walumil Lawns Barangaroo Reserve.

Performances and storytelling will follow a smoking ceremony to celebrate the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation.

The outdoor event is open and free to the public and will be broadcast live on NITV and streamed on SBS On Demand from 7:30 am on January 26.

Yabun Festival is the largest one-day gathering and recognition of First Nations people in Australia.

It’s a free event that features live music, stall markets, panel discussions and community forums on Indigenous issues, children’s activities and traditional cultural performances.

Greater Sydney can also tune into Yabun Festival via Koori Radio 93.7FM or watch the video live stream on their website.

We Are Warriors return in 2024 to take over the Powerhouse Museum for a night of Blak Power on Invasion Day filled with music, film, art, dance and photography and of course, a celebration of Blak excellence. You can get free tickets here.



Bermagui Survival Day event will take place from 11:00 am with a smoking ceremony and dancing. There will also be free school supplies for South Coast children.



  • Survival Day Mural Party – Gossamer Park, Wiradjuri Country: January 25

Australian Capital Territory

Ngunnawal / Canberra

The Afro-Aboriginal Cultural Showcase on January 26 is a day full of music, entertainment and performances from both Indigenous and African artists and speakers.

Victoria Invasion Day events

January 26 Invasion Day events. Image: Getty

Naarm / Melbourne

This year, Share the Spirit is running with the theme of ‘Continuum Into Tomorrow’.

Mornington Peninsula

Run by the incredible people at Our Songlines, Our Survival Day is Victoria’s biggest event and is totally carbon positive. The event has a strong lineup of First Nations talent with food, clothing, homewares and Indigenous-led business stalls.

Entry is free for First Nations people who book in advance. General admission is $35.

Ballaarat / Ballarat



Meanjin / Brisbane

The theme for this year’s Meanjin Invasion Day Rally is ‘Treaty before Voice’, in relation to the current proposals to implement a Voice to Parliament.


This event is hosted by the leader from the Sunshine Coast First Nations Community with an annual march, walk and speeches.


South Australia Invasion Day events

Tarntanya / Tarndanyangga / Adelaide

Starting at 7:00 am, this one-hour event includes a Welcome to Country, a smoking ceremony, a speaker’s address and performances by First Nations musicians and Tal-Kin Jeri.


Nipaluna / Hobart

Limilinaturi / Devonport

Northern Territory

Invasion Day
January 26 Invasion Day events across Australia. Image: Getty

Garramilla / Darwin 

Starting at 7:50 am, the Larrakia People will hold a Smoking Ceremony with storytelling and performances by local Indigenous performers and the Rirratjingu Dancers from North East Arnhem Land.

Western Australia

Borloo / Perth

The City of Perth (Borloo) will have their annual Birak Concert again this year, filled with incredible First Nations entertainment.

Rubibi / Broome

This is just a running list and by no means an exhaustive one. We will continue to update this article as more events pop up closer to January 26.

If you know of any other Invasion Day events happening in Australia that we haven’t listed, let us know.

This article has been updated since its original publish date.

Lead Image Credit: Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images


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