2024 Sunshine Coast B2B Coloured Ball Circuit | Competitions and Pathways | Sunshine Coast | Regions

2024 Sunshine Coast B2B Coloured Ball Circuit | Competitions and Pathways | Sunshine Coast | Regions
2024 Sunshine Coast B2B Coloured Ball Circuit | Competitions and Pathways | Sunshine Coast | Regions

Sunshine Coast Coloured Ball Tournament Series – Now including Red Ball Events!

Your pathway from HotShots lessons to junior tournaments.

The Sunshine Coast B2B Coloured Ball Tournament Circuit is a series of coloured ball tennis tournaments across the Sunshine Coast designed to act as a stepping stone into match play and junior tournaments. Players are split into Red, Orange, and Green ball divisions based on their age and tennis ability and will then compete using a shortened scoring format and Hotshots sized courts.

A points race is kept throughout the year to determine who will earn their position on the Sunshine Coast Team. These players will compete against other regions at the BOLT 2 BRISBANE State Finals in Brisbane in November. More information on this as well as other Sunshine Coast representative opportunities can be found here!

Red Ball

  • First to 10 Points
  • Compulsory Overarm First Serve, Optional Underarm Second Serve
  • Maximum 23″ Racquet
  • Red Balls (25% Compression)
  • Standard Red Ball 3 Court Dimensions (11m x 5.5m)

Orange Ball

  • Best of 1 Fast4 Set – Fast4 Tiebreak at 3-3
  • Compulsory Overarm First Serve, Optional Underarm Second Serve
  • Maximum 25″ Racquet
  • Orange Balls (50% Compression)
  • Standard Orange Ball Court Dimensions (18m x 6.4m)

Green Ball

  • Best of 1 Standard Set – Tiebreak at 5-5
  • Compulsory Overarm First Serve
  • Green Balls (75% Compression)
  • Full Sized Tennis Court
The latest Points Race can be found below.

Please find below all the information that you require for upcoming Tournaments within the Sunshine Coast Region for 2024.

Follow the Sunshine Coast Tennis Instagram Page and join the Sunshine Coast Tennis Facebook Group to stay up to date with entry openings, tournament photos and results.


Player Guide and Pathway Link – Important Information
All players must ‘Activate your Profile’ – Please note that if you have an Australian Ranking or have your details entered on the League Manager software (a software used by clubs to run fixtures) you will already have a UTR
• Step by Step Guide to Activate your Profile Here!

A reminder that the Sunshine Coast Region does not tolerate inappropriate behavior on or off the court by both players and spectators.

The Sunshine Coast JDS series operate under the Tennis Australia National Code of behavior and penalties apply. This includes withdrawals after deadlines, during tournaments as well as both on and off court behavior by all relevant parties. For more information visit the link here: 3.-Code-of-Behaviour-Competitive-Play-FINAL-MARCH-2022.pdf (tennis.com.au)

The JDS Series currently has a demerit system in place should behavior fall below the required standards. The following link has a further explanation and how the violation points are allocated. Circuit-Violation-Points-Public

JDS events will be played on separate weekends as part of the Sunshine Coast JDS Circuit.

All entries are to be completed online via the links below.

Source: tennis.com.au

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