More than a Fish Kill

More than a Fish Kill
More than a Fish Kill

Sydney Health Ethics Network in partnership with Sydney Environment Institute, the National Museum of Australia, and The Cad Factory are pleased to present a special screening of the documentary More than a Fish Kill.

More than a Fish Kill explores how artists, fishery managers, and First Nations custodians came together in the aftermath of the devastating 2019 and 2023 mass fish death events along the Barka/Baaka (Darling River). Together, they turned these ecological disasters into catalysts for cultural connection and revival. 

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion facilitated by Dr Claire Hooker (Sydney Health Ethics), featuring Dr Vic McEwan (Artistic Director, The Cad Factory), Dr Kirsten Wehner (James O Fairfax Senior Fellow in Culture and Environment), and Dave Doyle (Barkindji artist, National Museum of Australia).

The film tells the story of a remarkable collaboration that interweaves art, science and ancient knowledge to care for communities, honour our rivers and reshape how we live – now and into the future.


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