Robert Goldstein: Smart gaming tables the future of gambling

Robert Goldstein: Smart gaming tables the future of gambling
Robert Goldstein: Smart gaming tables the future of gambling

Las Vegas Sands Chairman and CEO Robert Goldstein has described smart gaming tables as the “future of gambling”, adding that his company is “fully invested” in utilizing the technology across its integrated resorts in Macau and Singapore.

Goldstein was speaking at the Bernstein 40th Annual Strategic Decisions Conference overnight (Asia time), where he was asked about the role technology is playing on today’s gaming floors.

“The hot ticket today, the hot discussion revolves around the smart tables,” he replied. “They are terrifically advanced products that enable us to do a better job of policing the game for both the customers and our own benefit.

“They also help us market better. They make us more aware – they’ve turned a table game into a sort of slot machine. It takes out the human element and makes it very mechanical, very efficient and it works very well.”

“The future of gambling I think is tied to smart tables. And there’s a lot of confusion that smart tables do things that they don’t do. They simply enable the operator to do better things with their marketing, with game protection, with how they view the customer. It enables the customer to have a better experience.

“Smart tables are going to revolutionize gaming. We’re fully invested in smart tables in both Macau and Singapore and that’s our future. We believe it’s very positive.”

As reported by Inside Asian Gaming in a recent deep dive into smart gaming tables, all six Macau operators are currently utilizing or preparing to roll out smart table technology, with Sands using Angel’s hybrid RFID/artificial intelligence system.

While operators have flexibility around the extent of technology they use, Goldstein, when asked about the role of AI, said Sands was using “all of those elements to make it the most effective.

“We’re very happy with the product and where it’s going,” he explained.

IAG’s Managing Editor Ben Blaschke will be moderating a panel session on smart gaming table technology at G2E Asia next week, with the session taking place from 10am on Wednesday 5 June at The Venetian Macao.


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