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SquareMouth was founded in 2003 and has helped over 3.5 million customers secure coverage with the best travel insurance companies in the U.S. What sets SquareMouth apart is its ease of use, detailed provider overviews, and Zero Complaint Guarantee. 

Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know before using this travel insurance comparison platform. 

Introduction to SquareMouth Travel Insurance

SquareMouth is an online marketplace that helps you choose a travel insurance policy from 32 companies. To be clear, SquareMouth itself isn’t an insurance provider. It simply helps you research and compare policies all in one place. 

SquareMouth shares a comprehensive, streamlined overview page for each insurance provider. Each page includes a company background, policy options, verified customer reviews, and contact information. 

When you complete the three-step process to find the best travel insurance plan, you’ll be given a list of potential policy options. You can sort through policies by provider, price, or benefits. SquareMouth promises to provide you with the lowest prices from the top providers in the market. 

Specific benefits will depend on the plan you choose. However, SquareMouth’s partner travel insurance policies often include:

  • Trip cancellation coverage
  • Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) protection
  • Medical and evacuation assistance
  • Trip delay protection
  • Reimbursement for trip interruption
  • Luggage benefits

Although you’ll have to file claims directly through your policy provider, SquareMouth’s award-winning customer service team is available seven days a week. Customers can purchase, manage, and cancel policies through SquareMouth’s online platform. Squaremouth also offers an impressive Zero Complaint Guarantee. If you believe your claim was wrongly denied, then SquareMouth will reach out to your insurer to reconsider the decision. If the insurer neglects to resolve the dispute to SquareMouth’s satisfaction, Squaremouth will go as far as removing the insurance provider from their site. 

Types of Policies Offered by SquareMouth

Versatility is a significant advantage of SquareMouth. In fact, the marketplace can help you find seven different types of policies. 

Single Trip insurance

Single trip travel insurance is exactly what it sounds like: travel insurance that provides you with coverage for one trip. It covers you “doorstep to doorstep” from the moment you leave your home until the moment you return. 

annual travel insurance, you get coverage for the whole year instead of a single trip. 

This is often a cost-effective option for anyone who takes multiple trips in a 12-month period. When you ask for a quote on the SquareMouth website, you’ll choose a “start date” and enter how many trips you plan to take in the following year. 

Cruise Insurance

These policies are designed specifically for cruises. A lot can go wrong on a journey on the sea, from extreme weather to an unexpected illness. 

The best cruise insurance can protect you before and after the ship leaves port, offering benefits such as:

  • Cancellation coverage
  • Hurricane and extreme weather protection
  • Trip delay benefits
  • Baggage delay reimbursements
  • Baggage loss at sea protection
  • Medical coverage at sea
  • Interruption at sea insurance

Adventure and Sports Travel Insurance

Extreme activities like hang gliding and ice windsurfing are not typically covered by standard travel insurance policies. Instead, you can use SquareMouth to find particular policies that include these extreme sports. 

With SquareMouth, you can find coverage for:

  • Water sports (such as fishing, snorkeling, and surfing)
  • Winter sports (such as snowboarding, skiing, tubing, and snowmobiling)
  • Air activities (such as zip lining, hot air ballooning, and bungee jumping)

Medical Travel Insurance

Your U.S. health insurance may not work while you’re abroad, which means you’ll need travel medical coverage for international trips. Otherwise, you risk being stuck with expensive medical bills if an accident or illness catches you off guard. 

Along with medical coverage, every provider on the SquareMouth marketplace offers 24-hour emergency assistance. You can use this feature if you ever need help finding a medical provider, arranging for an evacuation, or navigating the claims process during your trip. 

Flight Insurance

Flight insurance could pay for your trip if you have to cancel for an unforeseen reason, including getting sick or suffering a death in the family. Also, if your flight is delayed, you could be reimbursed for the money you have to spend on meals and hotel rooms. 

Group Travel Insurance

If you’re traveling with 10 or more people, getting group travel insurance could save you some money. What’s better is that not everyone has to have the exact same coverage. With SquareMouth, each traveler in the group can choose coverage benefits depending on their individual concerns.  

How to Purchase and Manage a SquareMouth Policy

In general, the average travel insurance policies cost 4-8% of the total trip cost. For example, if you’re planning a trip that costs $3,000 in total. You can expect the price for travel insurance to fall somewhere in the $150 – $300 range. Also, Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) coverage and other upgrades may increase the policy premium by 40-50%. 

SquareMouth says that the price of coverage depends on four main factors: trip cost, traveler age, trip length, and coverage type and amounts. 

You can use SquareMouth’s free travel insurance quote and comparison tool to find the best policy for your needs. SquareMouth offers transparency with no hidden fees and the lowest prices possible. When you obtain quotes from SquareMouth, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Travel dates
  • Travel destination
  • Country/state of residence
  • Number of travelers
  • Age of traveler(s)
  • Desired coverage type
  • Trip cost (per traveler or total)
  • Date of initial trip deposit

How to File a Claim with SquareMouth Travel Insurance

If you purchased your policy through SquareMouth travel insurance, you’ll file claims with the actual insurance provider, not SquareMouth. Remember, SquareMouth acts as a broker, so it doesn’t directly provide the insurance policies or handle claims. 

Each provider on the SquareMouth marketplace has its own procedure for filing claims. That said, here is the typical process for filing a claim: 

  • Contact your travel insurance provider. You can find the contact information for the “claims team” within your policy or on SquareMouth’s web page for that provider. Make sure you have your policy number handy when you call. The provider’s representative will be able to walk you through your next steps. 
  • Compile documentation. For your claim to be successful, you need to document what happened. Examples of documentation include credit card statements, police reports, notices, medical records, and receipts. 
  • Complete the provider’s “claim form.” This is where you’ll describe what happened and attach supporting documentation. You might also be asked to do an interview with an agent from the provider.
  • Submit the claim. This could be done through email, mail, or an online portal, depending on what options the provider gives you. Also, be sure to keep copies of all documentation for your records. 

If your claim is denied and you think the decision was unfair, you can use SquareMouth’s Zero Complaint policy to dispute the decision. You can open a Zero Complaint case by completing the online form. Keep in mind that you must first file your claim directly with the insurer. 

SquareMouth Customer Service and Support

SquareMouth boasts of an “award winning customer service team.” The customer support team can be reached by phone at 1-800-240-0369, and is available from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET every day.

SquareMouth’s commitment to customer service seems to be paying off. On Trustpilot, customers give SquareMouth an average of 4.8 stars out of five, with most complaints focused on claims that were denied. On Google Maps, reviews left on SquareMouth’s headquarters in Florida, the company received an almost perfect score of 4.9 stars out of five. 

Negative SquareMouth reviews, as few as they may be, mentioned difficulty reaching customer service. Additionally, while the actual result of a claim is out of SquareMouth’s hands, some reviewers complained that the Zero Complaint policy is largely ceremonial, and SquareMouth does little to advocate for your case.

How Does SquareMouth Compare to Its Competitors?

SquareMouth vs. VisitorsCoverage

VisitorsCoverage is a competing insurance aggregator, offering policies from 15 travel insurance companies. It gives detailed and concise information on the policies it offers, including options for Schengen visas, immigrants, and international students. It also has a Claims Assistance Hub that will act as a liason between you and your insurer, helping to provide updates on and expedite claims.

VisitorsCoverage trails behind SquareMouth in a variety of travel insurance companies it partners with, 15 compared to 32. Additionally, VisitorsCoverage doesn’t have a customer reviews section, so travelers must find that information elsewhere. That said, VisitorsCoverage is very responsive to customer reviews on Trustpilot and Google Maps, which SquareMouth is not. 

Read our VisitorsCoverage review.

SquareMouth vs. InsureMyTrip

InsureMyTrip is SquareMouth’s closest competitor. Both allow you to purchase, manage, and cancel a travel insurance policy on their platforms. You’ll have to file claims directly with your insurer, but SquareMouth and InsureMyTrip offer ways to facilitate customer claims. InsureMyTrip has an Anytime Advocates team, which can help customers with filing claims or facilitate an existing claim. SquareMouth has its Zero Complaint Guarantee. Both platforms field customer reviews, so you can see what former customers have to say about a company’s claims process and customer service. 

However, SquareMouth still edges out InsureMyTrip, listing policies from from 32 travel insurance companies compared to InsureMyTrip’s 25 companies. SquareMouth also lists options online for group travel insurance policies, which InsureMyTrip only quotes for when you call their customer service line.

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SquareMouth Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact SquareMouth?

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You can contact SquareMouth by phone at 1-800-240-0369. The company is available from 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. ET, seven days a week. You can also email the company at [email protected]

Does SquareMouth offer travel insurance for international travelers?

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Yes, SquareMouth offers travel insurance for international travelers. When you first request a quote on the SquareMouth website, you’ll enter your destination country and your country of residence. 

Can I get coverage for pre-existing medical conditions with SquareMouth?

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Yes, the SquareMouth travel insurance marketplace can connect you with policies that cover pre-existing conditions. Be aware of the fact that most travel insurance plans exclude pre-existing conditions, so you’ll need to look for a specific policy that meets your needs.  

How user-friendly is the claim filing process with SquareMouth? 

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When you purchase travel insurance through the SquareMouth marketplace, the claims process doesn’t go through SquareMouth but directly through the individual provider. That said, SquareMouth only partners with trusted providers, so you shouldn’t expect too many headaches when filing a claim. 

Is SquareMouth free to use? 

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The SquareMouth travel insurance comparison platform is free to use. Of course, the insurance policy itself isn’t free. You’ll have to pay the premium, but that money will go to the insurance provider, not SquareMouth. 

Can I trust SquareMouth? 

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SquareMouth is considered a trustworthy company. It gets 4.8 stars on Trustpilot, and it’s known for its excellent customer service. It also offers a “Zero Complaint Guarantee,” so if your insurance claim is denied, you can ask SquareMouth for help disputing the denial with the insurer. 

Does SquareMouth offer the lowest prices?

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SquareMouth promises customers the “lowest possible price.” When you buy a policy through the SquareMouth marketplace, you’ll pay the same amount as you would have paid if you’d gone directly through the provider. 

Can I buy any travel insurance through SquareMouth?

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You can buy practically any type of travel insurance through SquareMouth, including standard single trip insurance and cost-effective annual or group policies. A complete list of policies can be found on SquareMouth’s website. 

Why You Should Trust Us: How We Rated SquareMouth

When reviewing SquareMouth, we looked at the variety of travel insurance companies it partners with and compared it to other broker sites within the industry. We also looked at any guarantees it offers, customer reviews, and the quality of information it provides on its policies.

You can read more about how we rate travel insurance products here.