Adelaide Writers’ Week opening event – InDaily

1/15Martin and Richard Flanagan

2/15Laura Tingle, Her Excellency Professor the Hon Margaret Gardner AC, Alastair Campbell and Glyn Davis AC

3/15Richard Glover, Mary Beard and Julia Baird


4/15Sarah Kanowski and Jonty Claypole

5/15Bob Carr, Richard Glover and Max Gillies AM

6/15Andrew Noble, Rachael Mead and Peter Goldsworthy


7/15Julia Baird and Kathy Lette

8/15Peter Frankopan and Anne Enright

9/15Jane Smiley and Polly Flanagan


10/15Jeanne Ryckmans, Bob Carr and Rosemarie Milsom

11/15Jason Steger, Polly Flanagan and Martin Flanagan

12/15Mychal Springer and Jonathan Rosen


13/15Paul Slape, Dave Isaacs, Linda Rubinstein, Trudy Wyse and Louise Adler AM

14/15Peter Frankopan, Richard Fidler and Richard Flanagan

15/15Kathy Lette, Julia Baird, Rosemarie Milsom and Jeanne Ryckmans



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