Advancing the future: gender equity in STEM workshop

Society and the planet need as many enthusiastic, talented people as possible tackling challenges and solving problems with science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Currently, STEM is less diverse and inclusive than it should be. Imagine what could happen if science achieved gender equity?

You’re invited to this hands-on workshop where we’ll explore what’s working and who’s leading

Share your wisdom and ideas and be part of advancing the future. Insights captured at this workshop will be fed into the Australian Government’s Diversity in STEM Review.

This event has been designed to be inspiring and energetic and to gather diverse ideas and knowledge from participants.

There’s a stellar line-up of leaders speaking as well:

  • Anna-Maria Arabia, Chief Executive of The Australian Academy of Science.
  • Dr Merryn McKinnon, Associate Professor at Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (ANU).
  • Alana Lundy, Executive Branch Manager Digital, Data and Technology Solutions, ACT Government.
  • Hala Batainah, Principal Coach at Humanosity.
  • Mat Franklin, Managing Director at MF & Associates.
  • Dr Susan McGinty, Director at Aya Leadership.
  • Dr Chloe Lim, Science Storyteller at Twisty Science

(AND you’ll also be asked to share your wisdom and ideas and be part of advancing the future.)

Supported by YWCA Canberra and Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN). Delivered by Innovate Communicate.


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