Dogs Day Out at Gasworks

Dogs Day Out at Gasworks
Dogs Day Out at Gasworks


Humans didn’t love the last couple of years, and with good reason. But we’re guessing that our four-legged friends felt differently about the whole experience. While we were all in lockdown at various points during 2020 and 2021, we were spending more time at home with our tail-wagging canines — and you know that they just loved the extra attention.

Two-legged Brisbane residents have all been heading out and about much more from 2022 onwards, of course. Don’t forget to take your pup with you, though. No one needs an excuse to treat their pooch to a day out, but given that the returning Dog’s Day Out at Gasworks is all about doggos, it really is their time to frolic.

Browsing market stalls with your pupper is on the agenda from 9am–1pm on Saturday, June 8 in Newstead, with treats, clothing and bedding among the items to go barking mad at — and pull out your wallet for.

There’ll also be workshops and pet photography. Entry is free, and dogs of all sizes are welcome.

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