The Significance and Traditions of Lunar New Year

Celebrate Lunar New Year in the Heart of the Valley

If you’re looking for a unique and vibrant way to celebrate Lunar New Year, look no further than the heart of the Valley. This auspicious occasion is the perfect opportunity to indulge in the Valley’s top Asian restaurants and immerse yourself in the rich culture and flavors they have to offer. Best of all, the celebrations and festivities are both fun and free!

Experience the Festivities

Chinatown Mall will be the epicenter of the Lunar New Year celebrations, offering a wide range of activities and performances for everyone to enjoy. From traditional lion and dragon dances to roving street performers, there will be something for everyone to experience.

Program Highlights:

Chinatown Mall

  • 3 – 9pm: BrisAsia ParTEA
  • 4 – 9pm: Clay dragon workshops and market stalls
  • 5 – 8pm: Dragon and 3 brothers Photo Pop-up
  • 4pm: Opening, welcoming, and eye dotting dragon ceremony
  • 4.30pm: ‘Story of Nian’ theatrical performance
  • 4.45pm: Traditional Chinese instrument Hulusi
  • 5pm: Led dragon dance
  • 5.45pm: Firecrackers
  • 6pm: Traditional tea ceremony and dance
  • 6.30pm: Samulnori and pangoot Korean dance
  • 7pm: Chinese grandma comedy
  • 7.30pm: Toko Ton Japanese drumming
  • 8pm: Muay Thai boxing demonstration
  • 8.30pm: Led Lion on bamboo pole dance
  • 9pm: Firecrackers

Roving Performers

  • 5pm: Roving Lion in Wickham Street commencing at Cathedral Place finishing at Kenjin
  • 5.45pm: Roving Lion in Ann Street commencing at Mr Vain finishing in Brunswick Street Mall
  • 6pm: Roving lion in Brunswick Street commencing at Chicken of Rock finishing at Ling Lings
  • 6.45pm: Roving Lion in Wickham Street commencing at Golden BBQ and finishing at Super Bowl Chinese

Bakery Lane

  • 5.30pm: Roving Chinese grandma comedy performance
  • 6.30pm: Roving ‘Story of Nian’ characters
  • 6pm: Roving Lion in Ann Street commencing at Mr Mista, Bakery Lane and finishing at Short Grain

A Quote from the Website Author

“Lunar New Year in the Valley is an exciting celebration that brings together the best of Asian culture and cuisine. Join us for a night filled with vibrant performances, delicious food, and a festive atmosphere that will leave you with unforgettable memories.”

In Conclusion

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon in style at the heart of the Valley. With a wide range of activities and performances, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture and flavors of Lunar New Year.

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