Discover the Top Events and Activities in Cairns: Your Ultimate Guide to Tropic Weekender

Discover the WhichWay Film Festival

Get ready for an exciting cinematic experience at the inaugural WhichWay Film Festival. Kicking off with the Filmmakers Symposium at 11am at CQU, Cairns, this event offers a panel discussion and Q&A session with local and interstate filmmakers who will share their inspiring journeys. Afterward, indulge in snacks, network with fellow creatives, and connect with the local film community. As the day progresses, head to the esplanade at 5pm for a free screening of compelling works by Indigenous filmmakers. Join us in celebrating the art of Indigenous storytelling and the incredible talent within the film industry.

Enjoy Live Music at Elixir

Don’t miss Spare Tyre Politics’ unique sound as they take the stage at Elixir, supported by rising star Wazz Malloid. The Cairns music scene is in for a treat as the tunes start at 8 pm, promising hours of surprises, new songs, and a high-energy performance that will leave you wanting more.

Experience the WOYAYA Annual Concert

Join the Cairns and Kuranda-based community choir, WOYAYA, for their annual end-of-year concert. Be captivated by their talent as they showcase a collection of songs from around the world. Tickets are on sale now, and all proceeds will go to support the Buddhist Centre.

Stand Up for Climate Protection

Show your support for stronger climate protection measures by participating in the Climate Protest – Turn Up the Heat on Decision Makers. Organized by CAFNEC and AMCS, this protest demands action from the Queensland and Australian governments. Wear fiery outfits in shades of red, orange, and yellow as you voice your concerns about ongoing coal and gas approvals. Let’s draw attention to the urgent need for climate protection as FNQ prepares for a scorching summer.

Laugh Out Loud with Takashi

Japanese comedian Takashi is back in Cairns with a brand-new show. After spending 5 years in Australia, he has embraced the Aussie culture while still maintaining his distinct Japanese identity. Join Takashi for a night of entertainment as he humorously expresses his understanding and love for Australia in his unique way.

Unseen Cinema Presents Christmess

Unseen Cinema is screening the timely feature Christmess. Follow the journey of a washed-up actor who, fresh out of rehab, takes on the role of a suburban strip mall Santa. Along the way, he reunites with his long-estranged daughter and, with the support of his sponsor, strives to stay sober in order to win her forgiveness for Christmas.

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