Tropical North Queensland action-packed events calendar for adventure enthusiasts – Travel Weekly

Tropical North Queensland action-packed events calendar for adventure enthusiasts – Travel Weekly
Tropical North Queensland action-packed events calendar for adventure enthusiasts – Travel Weekly

Sporting enthusiasts and adventure seekers are gearing up for an action-packed year in Tropical North Queensland, with a lineup of sports events and adrenaline-pumping experiences set to take centre stage in 2024.

Leading the charge is the highly-anticipated return of the Crankworx World Tour ‘Paradise Edition’ to Cairns from 22-26 May 2024. The mountain biking event, recognised as the most-watched on the planet, is expected to attract 31,000 visitors and inject up to $7 million into the region’s economy. The five-day event will feature the world’s best mountain bike athletes showcasing their skills at the Smithfield Mountain Bike Park.

Unveiled at Crankworx will be its ‘Party in Paradise’, featuring live music to complement the festival experience. This dynamic addition promises an explosion of entertainment, marking a thrilling evolution for the event. The lineup includes some of Australia’s top rock bands, including Spiderbait, Beddy Rays, Worm Girlz, Late November, alongside local talent and DJ sets scheduled throughout the event.

Other top sporting events include Ironman Cairns in June, which draws elite triathletes and fitness enthusiasts to its challenging courses and coastal vistas. Following closely is 7 Cairns Marathon in July where runners from across the globe will test their limits against the stunning backdrop of Cairns’ tropical scenery.

For cycling enthusiasts, the prestigious 2024 UCI Masters Mountain Bike World Championships will bring together seasoned riders, who will demonstrate their skills and compete for glory on the challenging trails of the region. Additionally, the Port Douglas Grand Fondo in September promises an unforgettable ride through picturesque landscapes and coastal roads.

Casual thrills and maybe some spills

Port Douglas Gran Fondo Festival. Image: TTNQ

For casual sporting fans, mountain bikers will discover paradise in Tropical North Queensland, with more than 700km of easily accessible tracks extending from five MTB hubs.

Here, riders can pedal alongside two World Heritage areas: the Wet Tropics Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, a unique feature found nowhere else in the world. For an unparalleled mountain biking experience amidst stunning natural scenery, consider a road trip to the Atherton Forest MTB Park.

For those seeking thrills, Skypark Cairns by AJ Hackett’s Bungy Tower offers bungee jumping with 16 different jump styles available, including options like a graceful Swan Dive or riding a BMX bike off a roof, all with breathtaking views of the Great Barrier Reef and surrounding World Heritage rainforest.

Cairns Adventure Group provides white-water rafting experiences on the Barron or Russell rivers, navigating through World Heritage rainforest scenery and challenging rapids under the guidance of expert guides. Meanwhile, Divers Den offers night diving with reef sharks, providing an unforgettable underwater encounter for experienced divers while others can enjoy snorkelling just below the surface.

For land-based adventures, Cairns Canyoning offers an exhilarating journey into the depths of the tropics, where participants can abseil down slippery cliffs, zipline across cascades, riverboard through rapids, jump from rocks, and swim under waterfalls amidst the lush rainforest landscape.

Canyoning in Cairns.

Canyoning in Cairns. Image: TTNQ


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