Insider Guides: 10 Essential Things to Know Before Moving to Canberra

Insider Guides: 10 Essential Things to Know Before Moving to Canberra
Insider Guides: 10 Essential Things to Know Before Moving to Canberra

Discover the Vibrant Student Life in Canberra

If you’re considering studying in Canberra, get ready for an exciting and enriching experience. This dynamic Australian city offers a unique blend of culture, friendships, and academic challenges tailored for international students like you. To help you navigate this new adventure, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide inspired by the experiences of Ankita Unnikrishnan, a student from Bangalore, India. She shares her journey and valuable tips for newcomers to this vibrant city.

1. Beyond Politics: A Lively City

Contrary to expectations, Canberra is far from dull. Ankita was pleasantly surprised by the city’s vibrant atmosphere. She says, “Canberra is an unexpectedly lively and engaging place for me.” Embrace the dynamic blend of activities and camaraderie with friends that await you in this city.

2. Supportive Institutions for Student Development

Canberra’s universities, like ANU, excel in providing a nurturing environment for students. Ankita speaks highly of her experience at ANU, saying, “The faculty stands out as exemplary in their respective fields.” These institutions not only offer academic knowledge but also personalized mentorship, career advice, and internship opportunities.

Explore the diverse range of educational institutions Canberra has to offer for your studies.

3. Student-Led Culture

Canberra’s cultural scene is shaped by its vibrant student population. Ankita notes, “The city pulsates with life due to its large student community.” Experience a variety of cultural experiences and student-organized events that complement the academic environment.

4. Small City, Big Connections

Canberra’s cozy size offers networking opportunities. Ankita shares, “Canberra has proven to be an ideal environment for cultivating connections.” Rapidly grow your network and create important professional connections in specialized fields.

Study Canberra offers a range of networking opportunities and resources to shape your career.

5. Discover Hidden Gems

Explore Canberra’s lesser-known spots and natural beauty. Ankita’s favorite activities include op shopping at places like Vinnies Dickson, strolling around Lake Burley Griffin, and cycling through the city’s parks and urban areas.

6. Start with On-Campus Living

On-campus living provides a supportive environment and easy access to university resources. Ankita reflects, “Living in a residential college during my first year was transformative.” Find the perfect balance between comfort and community as you navigate your new life in Canberra.

Check out Study Canberra’s comprehensive guide to accommodation options in the city.

7. Getting Around Canberra

Invest in a bike for convenient commuting to university. Biking offers flexibility and a chance to explore the city. For longer distances, use public transportation with a MyWay card, which simplifies travel on buses and light rails.

Find out more about navigating public transport on the Study Canberra website.

8. Meeting People in Canberra

Participate in social events at university and within your residential college to enhance your experience and make friends. Step out of your comfort zone and connect with like-minded individuals who can become your study buddies or lifelong friends.

Check out your education provider’s events page or Study Canberra’s comprehensive guide to the city’s events.

9. Eating on a Budget

Master the art of budgeting and cooking as a student. Plan your grocery trips, embrace meal preparation, and explore local farmers’ markets for affordable fresh produce. Cooking at home and sharing meals with housemates is a cost-effective and healthier option.

Find a taste of home with Study Canberra’s recommendations.

10. Embrace Canberra’s Winter

Prepare for Canberra’s brisk weather by investing in a proper winter wardrobe. Enjoy the unique climate by shopping for winter clothes locally and take advantage of thrilling opportunities for skiing and snowboarding in the nearby Snowy Mountains.

About the Author: Emily Tremaine

Emily Tremaine is a fun-loving writer who enjoys exploring new cities and sharing her experiences. She believes that studying abroad is an exciting opportunity for personal growth and cultural immersion. Through her articles, she aims to provide informative and engaging content for people over the age of 21 who are ready to embark on their own study abroad adventures.


Canberra offers a vibrant and enriching experience for international students. From its lively atmosphere to supportive institutions, there is so much to discover in this dynamic Australian city. Embrace the student-led culture, make important connections, and explore hidden gems. With the right mindset and preparation, your study abroad journey in Canberra will be unforgettable.

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