Gold Coast: March for Palestine

Gold Coast: March for Palestine
Gold Coast: March for Palestine

Join us this Saturday to stand for Palestine!

It will be at 4.30pm at the Broadwater Parklands – The Great Lawn

As we watch with horror, many of us feel so helpless. Being with community is important in this time. Please come along, join us and let some of what’s boiling inside you out as we march through Southport streets. Each week it has restored my faith in humanity, hope and drive to fight for a free Palestine 

All are welcome! Bring any man and his dog along, bring your neighbour, let your workers at the local IGA know. Help us spread the word and make sure those that want to support, know where we are and can come along!

We are a movement of love, peace and humanity. Those with hatred or supremacy in any form, this is not the event for you. Please join the liberal party.

Yes we are angry. Yes this is beyond messed up. But we need to lead the way through peace. Let’s stand side by side with people from all walks of life that support humanity.

Free free Palestine ❤️????????


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