Learn about the Women With Horsepower Luncheon at The Star Gold Coast’s Gallery

Star Gold Coast Magic Millions Women with Horsepower Event: A Celebration of Success

On January 12th, an exclusive group of VIP guests gathered at the Star Gold Coast for the highly anticipated Magic Millions Women with Horsepower event. This marquee event, held during the Gold Coast’s most popular event, brought together successful women from various fields for a day of inspiration and celebration.

A Day of Empowerment and Inspiration

The event, hosted by the esteemed Kate Waterhouse, a member of racing royalty, featured a panel discussion with some remarkable women. Zara Tindall MBE, Michelle Payne OAM, Delvene Cockatoo-Collins, and Steph Cunningham shared their insights and experiences on topics ranging from women in business to racing and the arts.

Attendees were treated to an exclusive lunch and had the opportunity to engage with these influential women in a meaningful way. The panel discussion provided a platform for open and honest conversations, inspiring all those present to pursue their dreams and break barriers.

Capturing the Essence of the Event

Novasoma Photography and Celeste Humphrey beautifully captured the essence of the Magic Millions Women with Horsepower event. Their photos showcase the joy and camaraderie shared by the attendees, creating lasting memories of this extraordinary gathering.

An Unforgettable Experience

The Star Gold Coast Magic Millions Women with Horsepower event was a testament to the power of women in various fields. It served as a reminder that success knows no boundaries and that women have the ability to excel in any industry they choose.

As the event concluded, attendees left feeling inspired and empowered, ready to conquer new heights in their personal and professional lives. The Magic Millions Women with Horsepower event will forever be remembered as a celebration of success and a testament to the limitless potential of women.

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