Your Essential Guide to Hobart

Your Essential Guide to Hobart
Your Essential Guide to Hobart

Tassie is blessed with so much brilliant local produce and Hobart’s restaurants have taken full advantage of this, serving world class food while championing locally sourced goodness.

Try some of the finest at Salamanca Market. Every weekend, the harbourside spot becomes a bustling marketplace showcasing a broad and delicious range of artisanal crafts and food stalls.

Drop by Machine Laundry — a cafe that doubles up as a laundromat — serving some of the best coffee in town. Another honourable mention for coffee and brunch is Room for a Pony located up the hill in North Hobart.

While Salamanca is a famous weekend tourist stop, it’s worth noting that the market can get very busy. A quieter but quality alternative is the Farm Gate Market, which closes off Bathurst Street every Sunday from 8.30am until 1pm (late enough for you to sleep away the sins of the previous night).

If you’re still searching for a mid-morning meal, head to Sault Cafe, a cosy meeting spot located in bustling Moonah on the edge of Hobart. The relaxed and unpretentious menu offers a range of approachable eats, so mark it out as a place for a proper feed rather than a small bite. The homemade hash browns are the main draw but they’re clearly doing something right with their coffee too, as Sault Cafe was named a Toby’s Estate Local Legend in 2023, meaning they can officially claim to be serving some of the best coffee in the whole of Tasmania.

An intimate restaurant in the heart of Hobart's CBD.

Dier Makr, Osborne Images

One of our very favourite spots, which really represents the full growth of Hobart’s gastronomy scene, is Dier Makr. This small restaurant celebrates local and seasonal produce so much that you won’t be able to look up the menu beforehand. It changes every day. You’ll simply sit down for their tasting menu and receive an onslaught of creative dishes made by true food experts. Challenge your tastebuds a little too.

Fico is a small seater restaurant serving both lunch and dinner. Akin to the tables of Europe, we have both bar seating and large sharing tables and encourage the lively spirited dining born of such a layout.

Fico, Osborne Images

Fico is yet another Hobart gem. The room is full of upbeat energy and warmth, with talented head chef Federica regularly making the rounds to tables — either just to have a chat or take orders herself. Beyond the good vibes, you’ll also experience some damn good Italian cooking where every ingredient is honoured to bring out its best. As well as wonderful food, you’ll find a wine, vermouth and digestif menu that’ll knock your socks off.

If you’re dining with a group of friends or family, hit up the equal parts child-and adult-friendly Peppina, the signature restaurant from Chef Massimo Mele on the ground floor of the Tasman hotel. Here you’ll find decent pasta, pizza, and some of the best Italian desserts made outside of Italy— all enjoyed within the lovely light-and-tree-filed interior that somehow manages to capture al fresco vibes while, you know, not forcing you outside in below-freezing temperatures.

We could go on and on, but we will end our recommendations with the famous Me Wah Restaurant. It’s traditional Chinese cuisine in a lavish setting, celebrating local Tassie produce with a particularly emphasis on exceptional seafood. Come for an epic yum cha or go full hog at their dinner banquet. An exceptional wine list and spirit selection will round out your unfailingly excellent dining experience.


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