GAOL BREAK: Historical Maitland site closed until further notice

Maitland City Council has dropped a bombshell by announcing the immediate closure of Maitland Gaol.

The iconic slammer is shutting down until further notice after an independent review of the site including the fire and electrical systems.

Its closure puts a pause on tours and all planned events.

“This decision has not been taken lightly but the safety of Council staff, visitors and the Maitland community is of the utmost importance,” Maitland Gaol General Manager Jeff Smith said.

“As a 170 year old heritage site, Maitland Gaol has always required ongoing specialist maintenance but it has now become clear that the site’s safety issues pose a risk to staff and visitors, leaving me no choice but to close the site.”

Maitland Council is working with businesses and community groups who use Gaol facilities to assist, where possible, in finding alternate arrangements.

The council has also promised to keep everyone in the loop on the status of repair work.

Anyone who needs information about event cancellations and obtaining refunds for booked tours should contact [email protected].


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