WHAT’S ON LAKE MAC: Your guide to upcoming events in Lake Macquarie

It’s the start of the month, so we’re back with another guide to upcoming events in Lake Mac.

This month we’re focusing on a vibrant tapestry of cultural experiences from the soulful melodies of renowned singer-songwriter Emma Donovan to Bernard Ollis’s captivating exhibition Snakes and Ladders.

We’ll also tell you about the Lake Mac Meet the Makers event and let you know what to expect from the 2024 Write Here Festival.

Check it out below.


Singer-songwriter Emma Donovan, renowned for her ARIA-nominated and award-winning talents, invites audiences to experience an evening of heartfelt connection to Family and Country through her performance at Lake Macquarie. Embark on a musical journey enriched with her distinctive blend of soul and country melodies, including both cherished classics and fresh compositions. Accompanied by her band, Emma Donovan promises a captivating night of live music, showcasing her unique style and powerful storytelling. This event is proudly presented by Live Music Lake Mac and HIT Productions, promising an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

WHEN: Thursday 16 May
WHERE: Warners Bay Theatre, baramayiba


Bernard Ollis OAM’s survey exhibition offers a comprehensive journey through his artistic evolution, spanning from 1973 to the present day. Throughout his extensive body of work, Ollis delves into the realms of his imagination, crafting a world filled with hidden depths and psychological intricacies. Exploring themes of fear, existential challenges, and alternate realities, Ollis invites viewers into his personal universe, where each painting serves as a portal to uncharted territories of the mind.

WHEN: 8 June – 4 August 2024
WHERE: Museum of Art and Culture yapang


Experience the vibrant gathering of artistic talents at Meet the Makers, an immersive event taking place throughout the day at the Museum of Art and Culture yapang. From seasoned painters to skilled artisans, over 50 creators hailing from across Lake Macquarie will come together to share their craft with the community. Delve into a diverse array of mediums, including painting, drawing, textile art, glassmaking, ceramics, and beyond, as each artist offers insight into their unique creative process.

WHEN: Saturday 8 June
WHERE: Museum of Art and Culture yapang


Embark on a literary journey at the Write Here Festival, where writers and readers converge to glean insights, inspiration, and stories from a diverse lineup of both local and visiting authors. Over the course of four dynamic days, immerse yourself in a plethora of enriching activities, including workshops, discussions, presentations, and captivating performances. Engage with bestselling authors as they share their expertise, anecdotes, and invaluable advice, promising an unforgettable experience for all literary enthusiasts.

WHEN: 16 – 19 May
WHERE: Multiple locations


For more information about online events and resources Lake Macquarie City Council have available please visit lakemac.com.au/Events.

Source: newcastlelive.com.au

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