Funding Secured for Festive Season Spirit in 2024

New Plans for Festive Season Celebrations on the Sunshine Coast

The festive season may be coming to a close, but the Sunshine Coast Council is already gearing up for the next one. With a budget of $948,350, the council is planning to continue the Festive Season Program, which covers Christmas, New Year’s, and Australia Day celebrations in 2024.

Christmas Decorations to Brighten Up the Region

One of the highlights of the Festive Season Program is the installation of Christmas decorations throughout the region. More than 360 street banners, 65 lit street pole decorations, and 25 decorated natural trees will adorn roadways and neighborhood parks. The cost for this region-wide project is estimated at $529,072.

In order to support community-led Christmas events, the council has decided to allocate more funds through the Festive and Commemorative Events grant program. An additional $66,304 will be provided, resulting in a total grant funding of over $121,720. This shift in funding aims to meet the demand for Christmas events, as revealed by a review conducted in 2021.

Furthermore, changes are being made to the New Year’s Eve program to create a safer space for young people to celebrate. The council plans to establish an alcohol-free zone specifically designed for the youth demographic.

Supporting Community Events Year after Year

Councillor David Law, responsible for the Sunshine Coast Community Portfolio, emphasized the importance of funding for community-run events. Many event organizers consistently request funding for their community events, and this financial support is crucial for their success. Additionally, it allows new communities to join in the celebrations.

In order to provide consistent support and help with planning and sustainability, multi-year funding has been initiated for these community groups.

Street entertainers at Mooloolaba New Year’s Eve 2023.

New Plans for New Year Celebrations

Mooloolaba, a popular destination, attracts over 35,000 people annually to celebrate the new year. With ongoing placemaking works in progress, the council is taking this opportunity to reimagine the New Year celebrations.

With a budget of $297,558, the council plans to target two key audiences – families and the youth demographic. The budget will be split between two events in 2024.

Based on community feedback and attendance figures, it has been determined that there is a clear preference for 8.30pm fireworks over midnight fireworks. As a result, the main drawcard for families at Mooloolaba beachfront will continue to be the 8.30pm fireworks display. Additionally, a new youth event will be introduced to provide entertainment for young people.

The proposed youth event, designed in partnership with youth organizations such as the Queensland Policy Service and Red Frogs, will be a low-cost ticketed event targeting 13-18-year-olds. The event will be alcohol and drug-free and will offer various amenities such as chill-out and sensory zones, live music, free transport, security, and food and non-alcoholic beverages. The venue for this event is yet to be confirmed.

Australia Day Celebrations

For many years, the Sunshine Coast Council has been organizing an Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony, which has consistently received high satisfaction ratings of 90% or above.

In addition to the council’s own Australia Day event, community-led Australia Day events will also be funded through the Festive and Commemorative Events grants program.

Author’s Quote: Celebrate the Festive Season in Style!

“Join us on the Sunshine Coast as we celebrate the festive season with an array of exciting events and activities. From dazzling Christmas decorations to spectacular fireworks displays, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t miss out on the fun – mark your calendars and get ready to celebrate in style!” – [Author’s Name]

Author’s Conclusion: A Festive Season to Remember

The Sunshine Coast Council is committed to creating memorable festive season celebrations for residents and visitors alike. With a generous budget and a focus on community-led events, the council aims to bring joy and excitement to the region. From Christmas decorations brightening up the streets to safe and entertaining New Year’s Eve celebrations, there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to come together and celebrate. So, get ready to embrace the festive spirit and make lasting memories on the beautiful Sunshine Coast!

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