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Get Prepared for Extreme Weather with a Free Workshop on the Sunshine Coast

Are you ready to face extreme weather events? With the increasing frequency and severity of such incidents, it’s crucial for Sunshine Coast residents to be prepared. That’s why NRMA Insurance and Australian Red Cross are offering a free EmergencyRedi™ Workshop at the Nambour Community Centre on 31 January at 5:30 p.m. Join us to learn about local weather risks and how to effectively prepare for emergencies. Register now at nrma.com.au/helpnation.

Understanding the Need for Emergency Preparedness

Research conducted by NRMA Insurance reveals that many Australians lack a good understanding of extreme weather risks in their local areas. Shockingly, nearly one-third of Australians (32%) are unaware of these risks, and almost half (48%) do not know how to prepare for an extreme weather emergency. Furthermore, only 26% of Australians have an emergency plan in place to respond effectively to such events.

Equip Yourself with Knowledge and Tools

By attending the EmergencyRedi™ Workshop, you will gain valuable insights into the risks specific to your area and acquire the necessary knowledge and tools to prepare for future emergencies. During the workshop, you will create your own emergency RediPlan, which includes essential contacts, designated meeting places, animal plans, key documents, special items, medical information, and stress management strategies. With all your vital information in one emergency plan, you’ll be better equipped to handle any situation.

Help Nation: Uniting People for Preparedness

The expansion of the workshop is part of NRMA Insurance’s initiative called Help Nation. This program aims to bring together individuals, communities, and organizations across Australia to promote preparedness and raise awareness about local risks. By joining forces with Australian Red Cross, NRMA Insurance plans to deliver over 2,000 free EmergencyRedi™ Workshops in the next three years. This effort will help tens of thousands of Australians prepare for various emergencies, including extreme weather events.

Take Action Today

NRMA Insurance Executive Manager Claims Natalie Major emphasizes the importance of taking proactive steps to prepare for extreme weather. She states, “Through these workshops, we want to help Sunshine Coast residents better understand their local risks and provide the information and tools to get prepared. Taking steps to prepare before an event happens goes a long way in protecting yourself, your loved ones, your community, and the things you care about.”

To register for the EmergencyRedi™ Workshop and learn more about how to get prepared for extreme weather, visit nrma.com.au/helpnation.

About the Author: NRMA Insurance

“At NRMA Insurance, we are committed to helping Australians protect what matters most. Our mission is to unite people, communities, and organizations across the country through our Help Nation initiative. By providing free EmergencyRedi™ Workshops in partnership with Australian Red Cross, we aim to empower individuals to be prepared for all types of emergencies, including extreme weather events. Join us on this journey to safeguard your loved ones, your community, and the things you care about.”

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