Sydney Police Confront Neo-Nazi Leader and Impose Ban on Their Participation in Australia Day Events

The Leader of Australia’s Neo-Nazis Stopped by Police at Sydney Train Station

Australia Day events in Sydney will be free from the presence of Thomas Sewell, the self-appointed leader of the National Socialist Network and a violent criminal. Sewell, who was involved in an attack on bushwalkers in Victoria last year, was stopped by police at a Sydney train station and ordered to stay away from the city’s Australia Day celebrations.

Police question a man at North Sydney station on Friday afternoon.Credit: Sydney Morning Herald

Sewell and a group of black-clad men were detained at North Sydney station, some of whom were wearing balaclavas. Police warned the men that they would be arrested if they did not cooperate.

Legal Order Prohibits Sewell from Australia Day Events

Thomas Sewell is served with an order prohibiting him from entering the City of Sydney outside North Sydney station.

Thomas Sewell is served with an order prohibiting him from entering the City of Sydney outside North Sydney station.

Sewell posted videos on Friday afternoon showing NSW Police serving him with a legal order banning him from attending any Australia Day events in Sydney. The order was issued due to Sewell’s ideological links, criminal history, and goal of intimidating and provoking people.


Sewell and Group Detained by Police, Plan Alternative Australia Day Celebration

After being released by police, Sewell and the group gathered in a nearby park to wait for others who were still at the station. Sewell claimed that there were 70 people in their group, most of whom were from Sydney, while some had traveled from interstate. They were planning to celebrate Australia Day elsewhere since they were prohibited from attending events in Sydney.

Among the group were members of the Tasmanian cell, Tasman Forth, who have previously engaged in white supremacist activism. Police later confirmed that they had arrested six people and issued Rail Infringement Notices to 55 men for offensive behavior.

NSW Premier Chris Minns condemned the group’s behavior, stating that “normal people don’t celebrate Australia Day with a balaclava on.” The Executive Council of Australian Jewry’s Alex Ryvchin also expressed shock at the incident and emphasized the need for vigilance against violent movements spreading lies, hatred, and fear.

Sewell, who had previously assaulted a security guard, has a history of far-right extremism. His associate, Jacob Hersant, who also pleaded guilty to assault charges, has been spreading anti-Jewish conspiracy theories. It is crucial to remain vigilant and united against such violent ideologies.

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