Lions’ Franchise History Sees Largest Playoff Favorite in Lions

Lions’ Franchise History Sees Largest Playoff Favorite in Lions
Lions’ Franchise History Sees Largest Playoff Favorite in Lions

The Detroit Lions: A New Era in the Playoffs

The Detroit Lions have a long history of disappointment in the playoffs. However, things are looking up for the team, and it’s evident in the betting markets.

According to ESPN Stats & Information, the Lions’ status as a 6.5-point favorite for Sunday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is their largest ever in the playoffs since Nevada legalized sports betting in 1949. This surpasses their previous record as a 4-point favorite against the Dallas Cowboys in the 1970 divisional round, a game they unfortunately lost 5-0.

While they may not be the biggest favorites in the divisional round, trailing behind Baltimore and San Francisco who are each giving 9.5 points, this is still a significant milestone for the Lions.

“They haven’t been favorites in the playoffs for sure, but they haven’t been in the playoffs that much,” says DraftKings director of race and sports operations Johnny Avello. “The team has just not had many opportunities.”

A Historic Moment for the Lions

This season marks a historic moment for the Lions as they host two playoff games in a single postseason for the first time in franchise history. If they manage to win, it will be their first time winning multiple playoff games since 1957. The Lions are one of four NFL franchises that have never appeared in a Super Bowl, alongside Houston, Cleveland, and Jacksonville.

Fan Support and Betting Action

Similar to the Cleveland Browns in the wild-card round, the Lions have become darlings of public betting. Fans are eagerly rooting for the team to finally find success in January.

Michigan bettors, in particular, have shown immense support for the Lions. At BetMGM, Lions -6.5 has attracted 63% of the bets and 71% of the handle. The state of Michigan is driving betting action on the Lions across the country, with Caesars reporting that Detroit has the most uneven moneyline and spread percentage-wise by handle and bets, both in Michigan and nationwide.

At ESPN BET in Michigan, Lions -6.5 is attracting 73.36% of the bets compared to 49.85% everywhere else. The moneyline has seen 84.73% of the bets in Michigan compared to 66.74% in all other states.

It’s clear that Michigan bettors believe in the Lions’ potential, as they continue to put their money behind the team. DraftKings in Michigan reports that the Lions have been the most-bet team to win the Super Bowl by five times the handle and four times the bets of any other team. They are also the most-bet team to win the NFC by 10 times the handle and three times the bets.

The Sportsbooks’ Dilemma

All this support for the Lions has created a significant liability for sportsbooks. While it may be good for business in terms of increased interest, sportsbooks ultimately need the Lions to lose.

“The Lions drive a lot of interest from bettors in Michigan,” says BetMGM trading manager Christian Cipollini. “Detroit playing more games is good for the sportsbook, but eventually we need the Lions to lose.”

Caesars assistant director of trading Adam Pullen echoes this sentiment, stating that while the Lions winning the Super Bowl would be a “small winner” for the book, their winning the conference would be a “medium liability.” PointsBet also reports that Detroit is their biggest NFC champion liability.

The Impact of Coaching

One factor contributing to the public’s confidence in the Lions is the coaching prowess of Dan Campbell. According to ESPN Stats & Information, the Lions have an impressive 35-17 record against the spread in three seasons under Campbell, making him the best coach in that span. Campbell’s overall record as a coach, including his time as the Miami Dolphins’ interim coach in 2015, is 39-25 ATS, the best mark of any coach since the 1970 merger with at least three seasons.

“They operate as a collective, not as individuals, and I think it suits them and the coach,” says Adam Pullen of Caesars. “The coach is the biggest star of the team… That works, I think, to their benefit.”

Author’s Quote: A New Hope for the Lions

“The Detroit Lions are finally getting the recognition they deserve in the playoffs. With their largest-ever favorite status and immense support from fans and bettors, this could be the year they break free from their history of disappointment and make a Super Bowl run.” – Doug Greenberg

Author’s Conclusion: Lions Roaring Towards Victory

The Detroit Lions’ journey in the playoffs is filled with hope and excitement. With unprecedented support from fans and bettors, along with a talented coaching staff, the Lions have a real chance to make history. As they host two playoff games for the first time and aim to win multiple playoff games since 1957, all eyes are on the Lions as they strive to overcome their past and emerge victorious.

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