The ARIA nomination is received by the campaign song “Walking On A Dream

The ARIA nomination is received by the campaign song “Walking On A Dream
The ARIA nomination is received by the campaign song “Walking On A Dream

Empire Of The Sun’s “Walking On A Dream” Nominated for 2023 ARIA Award

Western Australia’s global tourism brand, Walking On A Dream, has been nominated for a prestigious 2023 ARIA award. The brand, developed by Tourism WA and The Brand Agency, is being recognized for its exceptional use of an Australian recording in an advertisement.

The hit single “Walking On A Dream” by Empire Of The Sun was re-recorded to support the new global destination brand of the same name. This iconic song has been widely used by Tourism WA in their marketing activities worldwide.

The winner of the ARIA award will be announced on Wednesday, November 15th in Sydney. It’s worth noting that the original version of “Walking On A Dream” won “Single of the Year” at the ARIA awards back in 2009.

Walking On A Dream Campaigns Boost Tourism in Western Australia

The nomination for the ARIA award comes as Tourism WA reveals impressive figures regarding the impact of their Walking On A Dream campaigns. These campaigns, in collaboration with airlines and global travel partners, have directly resulted in nearly 150,000 new out-of-state visitors coming to Western Australia. This influx of visitors has contributed an estimated $220 million to the state’s economy through domestic and international visitor spend since the brand’s launch in September 2022.

These successful “conversion” campaigns have effectively connected out-of-state consumers to book flights and travel packages for their Western Australia holidays.

To launch the new brand, the Walking On A Dream campaign featured WA’s iconic whale shark and was showcased on outdoor advertising platforms worldwide. With over 210 million views, including prominent locations like London’s Piccadilly Circus, Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing, and New York City’s Times Square on New Year’s Eve, the campaign has made a significant impact.

The Walking On A Dream brand has elevated Western Australia’s profile both domestically and internationally. In just under a year since its launch, the brand has contributed to a record-breaking visitor spend of $16.8 billion in the year ending June 2023. This remarkable achievement demonstrates the brand’s ability to elevate Western Australia in a highly competitive global travel marketplace, as well as stimulate intrastate and day trip activity.

Walking On A Dream: A Brand for the Future

The Walking On A Dream brand will continue to be the cornerstone of Tourism WA’s marketing activities for the next five years and beyond. Its success in driving out-of-state visitation and growing the WA economy is a testament to its quality and impact.

Tourism Minister Rita Saffioti expressed her pride in the brand’s achievements and its recognition at a national level. She also extended her gratitude to Empire Of The Sun for their support in promoting Western Australia as a top destination in the post-pandemic tourism landscape.

Walking On A Dream truly captures the unique essence of Western Australia. From its collaboration with local marketing firms, film crews, and dance performers, to its association with a world-famous band led by a Western Australian frontman, the brand is a true representation of the state. The future looks promising for Walking On A Dream, and it is expected to continue delivering remarkable returns for the WA community and economy in the years to come.

Website Author’s Quote

“The Walking On A Dream brand has revolutionized tourism in Western Australia, attracting visitors from all over the world. Its impact on the state’s economy and its ability to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of Western Australia is truly remarkable.”

Website Author’s Conclusion

The nomination of Walking On A Dream for a 2023 ARIA award is a testament to the brand’s success and recognition on a national level. With its captivating campaigns and the support of Empire Of The Sun, the brand has significantly boosted tourism in Western Australia, attracting thousands of new visitors and injecting millions into the state’s economy. As the brand continues to evolve and thrive, it will undoubtedly solidify Western Australia’s position as a top global destination.

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