A Guide to Discovering Affordable Flights in 2024

How to Master the Art of Finding Cheap Flights

Are you tired of feeling like airfare prices are a never-ending puzzle? Don’t worry, there is hope for the average traveler. Just like any skill, shopping for flights is something you can improve upon.

The Current State of Airfare Prices

In contrast to previous years where prices seemed to be skyrocketing, the data now shows a different story. Scott Keyes, founder of the flight booking site Going, explains, “you can see it very clearly in the data in fact, it’s gone the opposite direction.” The 2024 outlook from travel booking app Hopper supports this, revealing that domestic airfare will remain below 2023 and pre-pandemic prices for at least the next six months.

However, it’s important to note that not every flight you find will be cheap. As Keyes points out, “averages don’t always translate to individual fares.” Airfare prices are constantly changing, and what may be expensive today could become affordable tomorrow.

Timing is Everything

Given the fluctuating nature of airfare prices, it becomes crucial to time your booking right in order to secure the best price. Keyes emphasizes the importance of getting the timing right, stating, “it’s all the more critical to make sure that you’re getting the timing of your booking to get the best price.”

Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

So how can you ensure you’re getting the timing right? Here are some expert tips:

1. Set price alerts

Tracking airfare can be overwhelming, but setting up alerts can simplify the process. Google Flights, Skyscanner, and Hopper are popular price-tracking tools recommended by experts.

Expert Insights

Scott Keyes, Founder of Going:

“Averages don’t always translate to individual fares. But at the same time, with the way airfare works, today’s expensive flight might be tomorrow’s cheap flight and vice versa.”


Mastering the art of finding cheap flights requires patience, timing, and utilizing the right tools. By setting price alerts and staying informed about the fluctuating airfare prices, you can increase your chances of snagging a great deal. Remember, today’s expensive flight could be tomorrow’s bargain. Happy travels!

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