Comparison: Japan surpasses Bali as a more affordable travel destination for Australians

Comparison: Japan surpasses Bali as a more affordable travel destination for Australians
Comparison: Japan surpasses Bali as a more affordable travel destination for Australians

New Data Reveals Tokyo as the Top Asian Destination for Aussie Travelers

For years, Bali has been the go-to international travel destination for Australians. However, recent data from travel site Expedia shows that Tokyo, Japan has unexpectedly taken the top spot as the most researched summer getaway, dethroning Bali for the first time in eight years. This shift in popularity may be attributed to the perception that Tokyo is now a more affordable option for travelers.

Australian Travel Industry Association CEO Dean Long explains that the decline in the value of the yen has made Japan “slightly more affordable” for Australians. Additionally, Bali has recently decided to eliminate its $50 entry fee, keeping it competitive in terms of affordability.

In order to determine which destination offers a cheaper holiday experience, Yahoo Finance has conducted a cost breakdown.


Currently, a non-stop flight from Sydney to Bali in late January, including a return trip, can be found for as low as $525. On the other hand, a round-trip flight from Sydney to Tokyo for the same dates starts at $1,897 for non-stop travel.

While these prices can decrease if you are willing to add stops to your trip, we will use these numbers for comparison purposes.

Travel Insurance

The flight costs mentioned above do not include international travel insurance. According to comparison website Finder, the average cost of travel insurance is $235.37 as of September 2023.

Daily Budget for Bali

Bali is known for being a relatively cheap holiday destination, with an average daily budget of around $90 per person.

Accommodation in Bali can cost approximately $130 per night for a hotel, while single-room accommodation averages around $65 per night.

With a wide range of affordable street food options, it is possible to eat in Bali for as little as $5-$10 per day. Restaurant meals tend to be slightly more expensive, averaging around $32.20.

Transportation to nearby shopping centers and tourist attractions can cost around $14.18 per day, or you can opt to rent a scooter for as little as $2-$5 per day. Many visitors choose to keep costs low by spending their time relaxing at the beach or pool at their villas.

Daily Budget for Japan

When planning a holiday in Japan, it is recommended to budget between $47 and $81 per day per person. However, these expenses can increase significantly during peak season or if you choose to use a Japan Rail pass for travel.

Accommodation costs in Japan vary depending on factors such as the number of nights, number of people, type of accommodation, and proximity to specific destinations. On average, expect to spend at least $31-$52 per night for one person during the off-peak season, with prices increasing during certain times of the year.

Food expenses in Japan range from $15.71 to $24.10 per day for one person, including ready-to-eat meals from convenience stores, fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s, and specialty restaurants offering dishes such as curries and noodles.

Fortunately, Japan offers many free attractions, including most shrines and temples that do not charge admission fees. Some museums also have days where admission is free.

While the cost of a Japan Rail pass has recently increased by 70%, rail travel within most Japanese cities remains affordable. In addition, many cities are pedestrian-friendly, allowing you to get around for as little as $5 per day.

The Verdict

Both Japan and Bali offer unique holiday experiences that cater to different types of travelers. However, it is clear that Bali can be enjoyed on a smaller budget compared to Japan.

Quote from the Author

“The shift in popularity from Bali to Tokyo as the top Asian destination for Aussie travelers reflects the changing perceptions of affordability. While the decline in the yen’s value has made Japan slightly more affordable, Bali’s decision to eliminate its entry fee keeps it competitive in terms of cost. Ultimately, the choice between these two destinations will depend on individual preferences and budget constraints.” – Yahoo Finance


In conclusion, Tokyo has surpassed Bali as the most researched summer getaway for Australian travelers. Factors such as affordability and unique experiences contribute to this shift in popularity. While Bali offers a cheaper holiday experience overall, Japan provides a diverse cultural experience that may be worth the higher cost for some travelers. Ultimately, the decision between these two destinations depends on personal preferences and budget considerations.

Conversion rates correct at time of publication and may vary as the dollar fluctuates.

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