Jetstar cancels 15 domestic flights as a result of an ongoing strike

Jetstar Japan Cancels 15 Flights Amid Ongoing Strike

Budget carrier Jetstar Japan Co had to cancel 15 domestic flights on Friday due to a shortage of workers caused by an ongoing strike by some union members. This has affected approximately 2,600 passengers, the company announced.

Impact on Passengers and Alternative Arrangements

Jetstar Japan Co anticipates further flight cancellations on Saturday and is making preparations for reimbursements. Additionally, the airline is working on transferring affected passengers to alternative flights with other airlines.

This cancellation comes at a time when many people in Japan are planning to travel to their hometowns for the New Year holiday season. With domestic flights already fully booked, the strike has added to the inconvenience for travelers.

Details of the Canceled Flights

The 15 flights canceled on Friday include routes connecting Narita and Hokkaido airports, as well as Matsuyama and Fukuoka.

Reasons Behind the Strike

The strike, initiated by the union which includes flight crew members, began on December 22 after failed negotiations with management. The union’s demands include payment of employees’ unpaid wages and allegations of erroneous calculation of overtime work.

The union has stated that the strike will continue until January 7.

Author’s Quote: “The Impact of the Strike on Jetstar Japan Co”

“The ongoing strike by some union members has severely affected Jetstar Japan Co’s operations, leading to flight cancellations and inconvenience for thousands of passengers.”

Author’s Conclusion: “Resolving the Dispute for Smooth Operations”

“It is crucial for Jetstar Japan Co and the union to engage in productive negotiations to address the demands and concerns raised. This will ensure smooth operations and minimize disruptions for passengers during this busy travel season.”

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