Underrated city named Europe’s cheapest – full list of 10 affordable breaks

Underrated city named Europe’s cheapest – full list of 10 affordable breaks
Underrated city named Europe’s cheapest – full list of 10 affordable breaks

An underrated city in Europe has been named the cheapest place to buy a pint of beer. Belarus’s capital, Minsk is home to the best value pint in the entire continent with regular beer priced at £0.86 (one euro) and fancier ones at £1.2.

A research conducted by German online travel comparison and booking website Omio found out the European capital cities serving up the cheapest pints of beer, so that you can combine sightseeing with a drink in the sunshine.

Famous for sites including the Museum Strana Mini and its Victory Square, Minsk lies in the heart of Europe, making it an important hub for trade and transportation.

Head south to Moldova and one can spot the second most affordable glass. Coming in at just £1.1 (€1.29) on average, Chisinau’s offering won’t break the bank.

Chisinau is famed for its wide variety of pubs and bars on offer too, meaning that you will be spoilt for choice when deciding where to head for a beer.

The others on the lists include Baku in Azerbaijan, Tbilisi in Georgia and Armenia’s capital Yerevan are all hotspots for cheap pours, priced at £1.16 (€1.35), £1.45 (€1.69) and £1.57 (€1.83) respectively.

At number six on the list is the popular stag destination of Sofia. The average pint in Bulgaria’s capital costs just £1.65 (€1.93). 

At that price, it’s perfect whether you are on a high-energy minibreak or visiting cultural hotspots like St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral or the city’s countless thermal and mineral springs.

A pint will also cost you £1.65 (€1.93) in the up-and-coming Skopje.

North Macedonia has the world’s second-highest number of mountains and is becoming a popular destination for tourists who want to explore the Balkan region.

Pristina in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital Sarajevo are in eighth and ninth place on the list, with pints costing £1.7 (€1.99) and £1.75 (€2.04) respectively.z

The last on the spot is Prague.

The Czech capital is a top destination in Eastern Europe with a well-established tourist scene. One can enjoy affordable pints of beer, averaging just £1.59 (€1.86), allowing you to explore the city and still have some cash left for drinks

Source: express.co.uk

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