Why Fantastic, Affordable Airline Should Have Access to Australia: Insights from Traveller Letters

Why Fantastic, Affordable Airline Should Have Access to Australia: Insights from Traveller Letters
Why Fantastic, Affordable Airline Should Have Access to Australia: Insights from Traveller Letters

Traveller’s Weekly Reader Contributions: Rants, Raves, and Travel Tips

Welcome to Traveller’s weekly roundup of reader rants, raves, and travel tips. We value the opinions and experiences of our readers, so don’t forget to share your own stories with us. Here’s what our readers had to say this week:

Talking Turkey

One reader had a fantastic experience flying with Turkish Airlines from Hamburg to Istanbul. They praised the airline for being both excellent and affordable. However, they expressed concern over reports that the Australian government is blocking Turkish Airlines from flying to Australia. They believe that as an island nation, Australia needs open access to all airlines in order to stay well-connected with the world. They hope that the Australian government will not repeat the mistakes made with Qatar Airways.

Letter of the Week: Where there’s a swill

A reader shared a story from their recent trip to Rome. They were on a hop-on, hop-off bus in blistering heat when they ran out of water. A water seller standing at the open bus door offered them two bottles of water, but they only had a €10 note. The seller took the money, handed them the water, and then ran beside the bus to give them back €5 through the open window. The reader was amazed by the trust shown by the water sellers towards tourists.

Remains to be seen

One reader pointed out that an article about Ireland failed to mention Bru na Boinne, a fascinating neolithic site near Drogheda. They recommended booking visits to this site online in advance, as it is not allowed to be excessively busy. The reader also mentioned that while the Giants Causeway is overcrowded with coach tours, there are many secluded walking trails and restored castles waiting to be discovered by independent travelers all around Ireland.

Me, myself and I

A reader shared a humorous observation about Ireland, stating that it is the only country where someone will come up to you at a bus stop and ask, “Is that yourself there now?” This lighthearted comment highlights the friendly and welcoming nature of the Irish people.

Free speech

In response to a previous letter about Qatar Airways, a reader disagreed with the idea that it is the airline’s responsibility to keep a free seat next to someone with an injury. They suggested that the passenger should have reserved a suitable seat in advance, even if it came at an additional cost. The reader advised better planning for future trips.

Hey presto

A reader expressed their surprise and delight at the power of Traveller letters. After writing a letter about the lack of Qantas Frequent Flyer seats, the airline’s new CEO issued an apology and promised to improve, including offering more Frequent Flyer seats. The reader was thrilled to see their feedback making a difference.

Room self-service

A reader enjoyed a recent article about thrifty travel tips and shared their own suggestion. They mentioned using bidets as wash troughs and packing essential condiments to create creative and nourishing hotel room dinners. They also shared a special anniversary experience at a luxurious hotel in the Blue Mountains, where they enjoyed a picnic dinner in their private suite.

Ronald not Donald

A reader recommended visiting the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. They described it as a fascinating place with exhibits such as Air Force One, Marine One, and limousines. The reader’s children greatly enjoyed the visit and became trivia experts on the 40th US president.

To provoke is no joke

A reader expressed disappointment with an Outback Spirit guide mentioned in an article about Arnhem Land. They found it shocking that the guide seemed to be provoking buffaloes, as they believe in learning about nature in a respectful and non-intrusive way.

Go slow

A reader appreciated an essay about mindful travel and the importance of balancing the benefits and negative impacts of travel. They suggested embracing the concept of slow travel, which involves reducing the frequency and speed of traveling to minimize environmental and cultural degradation.

Zip it

A reader shared a tip for going through airport security. They always remove their bangles and zip them safely inside their handbag to avoid leaving them behind in the security tray.

Tip of the Week: Every twitch way

A reader shared their enjoyable experience in the Northern Territory, Australia. They praised Virgin flights for being on time and had no issues with quarantine or passports. The highlight of their trip was a seven-day tour with NT Bird Specialists, where they saw brolgas strolling in the mud and jacanas delicately balanced on water lily pads.

Flagging support

A reader shared a tip for returning a rental car in Italy. They advised against trying to drop off the car in the middle of Rome and instead recommended returning it at the airport and taking a train into the city. They also shared a clever solution for navigating through stressful traffic in Rome. They flagged down a taxi, jumped in, and directed the driver while their husband followed in their rental car. This allowed them to reach their destination quickly and easily.

Sensory overload

A reader shared their love for India and their upcoming trip back to the country. They described their first visit as a sensory overload, with vibrant colors, sights, sounds, and encounters with the local people. They expressed their desire to return and explore new destinations in India.

Valletta to the letter

A reader agreed with a previous article about places to visit in Malta but added that the Hypogeum should not be missed. This unique prehistoric monument, over 5000 years old, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

When third is first

A reader shared their recent trip to Nice, Monte Carlo, Antibes, Cannes, Lisbon, and Madrid. They had a mishap with in-flight entertainment but otherwise had a wonderful time. They engaged with locals, enjoyed complimentary drinks and upgrades, and even spent time at the highest infinity pool in the world in Dubai.

What’s the damage?

A reader shared a cautionary tale about passport damage. They knew of two people who were denied exit from Australian airports due to slight damage to their passports. To be safe, the reader visited the passport office to have their eight-year-old passport checked. They ended up getting a new passport just to be sure.

In conclusion, our readers have shared their experiences, tips, and opinions on various travel-related topics. From praising airlines to sharing thrifty travel tips, their insights provide valuable information for fellow travelers. Remember to share your own stories with us for a chance to be featured in next week’s roundup.

“Travel is not just about the destination; it’s about the journey and the people you meet along the way.” – Traveller

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