Why You Should Consider Splurging on Business Class: 4 Reasons to Experience Luxury at 30,000 Feet

Why You Should Consider Splurging on Business Class: 4 Reasons to Experience Luxury at 30,000 Feet
Why You Should Consider Splurging on Business Class: 4 Reasons to Experience Luxury at 30,000 Feet

Why Flying Business Class is Worth the Cost

When it comes to international travel, most people opt for economy class airfare due to its affordability. However, if you’re willing to spend a little more, booking a business class ticket can provide a significantly better travel experience. Having flown internationally in both economy and business class, I can confidently say that there’s no comparison. Despite the higher price tag, I always try to book business class, especially for long flights. Here’s why:

1. Seats are much more spacious and comfortable

Economy seats are notoriously cramped and uncomfortable. You’re squeezed in shoulder to shoulder with fellow passengers, with limited space for your belongings. In contrast, business class seats are much larger and offer ample room to stretch out and get comfortable. Many international flights even have lie-flat seats in business class, making it easier to get quality sleep during the flight. This alone makes the journey feel shorter and ensures you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed rather than exhausted.

2. Priority everything

One of the major perks of flying business class is the priority service you receive throughout your journey. With a business-class ticket, you can enjoy:

  • Priority check-in lane at the airport, saving you time and avoiding long queues.
  • Priority security lane, reducing wait times at the security checkpoint.
  • Early boarding, allowing you to settle in and get comfortable before other passengers.
  • Priority delivery of checked baggage, ensuring you can retrieve your luggage quickly upon arrival.

These benefits significantly enhance your airport experience by minimizing waiting times and streamlining the travel process.

3. Access to airport lounges

Business-class passengers typically have complimentary access to the airline’s airport lounge. These lounges provide a comfortable and relaxing environment where you can enjoy various amenities, such as:

  • Free food and drinks, including alcoholic beverages.
  • Comfortable seating areas.
  • Quiet relaxation rooms.
  • Dedicated business areas for work.
  • Play areas for children.

While lounge quality may vary, they are generally superior to the crowded boarding areas. Some lounges even offer unique features, like the El Dorado Lounge in Bogota, which houses a gold museum exhibit. Access to airport lounges can also be obtained through certain credit cards, further enhancing your travel experience.

4. Enhanced in-flight meal service

Meal service in business class surpasses what you receive in economy. On shorter flights, business class often includes a complimentary meal, while economy only offers food for purchase. On longer flights, both classes typically provide free meals, but the quality of business-class meals is superior. Additionally, business class offers a wider selection of drinks, including wines and liquors. You can also request free snacks and drinks at any time during the flight, perfect for those lengthy international journeys.

If your travel budget allows, flying business class is undoubtedly worth it. While economy class focuses on getting you from point A to point B, business class offers a more enjoyable and comfortable journey. Keep in mind that paying in cash isn’t your only option; you can also book business-class airfare using points earned from travel credit cards. To learn more about how to travel for free with credit card points, check out The Ascent’s guide.

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“As an avid traveler and game enthusiast, I understand the importance of a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. That’s why I always recommend flying business class for those who can afford it. The added space, priority service, lounge access, and enhanced meal service make a significant difference in the overall journey. Don’t settle for less when you can make your travels truly memorable.”

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