Lawmaker raises concerns over suspicious borough trips to China – Taipei Times

China Tour Raises Concerns of Beijing’s Influence on Taiwan Officials

A recent group tour to China, organized by a borough warden, has raised suspicions of Beijing’s “united front” tactics to influence local officials in Taiwan. Taipei City Councilor Chen E-jun expressed her concerns about the trip, which included a meeting with a Chinese National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee member. She urged national security officials to be aware of this potential infiltration.

Details of the Controversial Tour

The six-day tour, which took place from October 15 to October 29, included visits to Wuxi and Shanghai. Priced at NT$15,000 per person, the package covered airfare, accommodation, meals, sightseeing, and transportation. However, what raised eyebrows was the secretive nature of the recruitment process. The travelers were not recruited through open registration but were directly invited by the borough warden. One of the tour stops included a visit to a pearl factory, where the group was accompanied by an NPC Standing Committee member.

Concerns Over Chinese Interference in Taiwan’s Elections

Councilor Chen highlighted the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to influence Taiwan’s upcoming presidential election in 2024. She stated that the party is using various tactics, including cognitive warfare and organizational warfare, to infiltrate Taiwan at the grassroots level. Chen emphasized the need for national security agencies to remain vigilant against disinformation, cognitive warfare, and online infiltrations. She also called for an investigation into how borough wardens formed connections with NPC Standing Committee members.

Response from Taipei Department of Civil Affairs

The Taipei Department of Civil Affairs addressed the issue by stating that these group tours are considered part of a borough warden’s private itinerary. However, they encouraged people to report any suspicions regarding tour prices. The department has also reminded borough wardens about the rules they should follow when visiting China.


As Taiwan prepares for its upcoming elections, concerns about Chinese interference continue to grow. The recent controversial tour to China, which included a meeting with an NPC Standing Committee member, has raised questions about Beijing’s influence on local officials. Councilor Chen E-jun’s call for increased vigilance and investigation highlights the need to protect Taiwan’s democratic process from external interference.

Quote from the Author:

“Facing the 2024 presidential election, the Chinese Communist Party is using every conceivable means, from cognitive warfare to its ‘grand external propaganda,’ and is now even using organizational warfare to infiltrate [Taiwan at the] grassroots level, to ‘reach into the island, the households and the minds’ [of Taiwanese] to influence Taiwan’s election.” – Councilor Chen E-jun

Author’s Conclusion:

The Chinese Communist Party’s attempts to intimidate and influence Taiwan are becoming increasingly apparent. It is crucial for national security agencies to remain vigilant and investigate any potential connections between local officials and Chinese authorities. Safeguarding Taiwan’s elections and democratic process should be a top priority for all Taiwanese citizens.” – Councilor Chen E-jun

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