Claiming travel insurance before your trip

Claiming travel insurance before your trip
Claiming travel insurance before your trip

As upsetting as it may be, your travel can be cancelled at any time for a variety of reasons. About 30-40% of travel insurance claims reported in 2023 were made before departure^.

If you have travel insurance, this may reimburse the cost of travel plans if you need to cancel for a covered reason.

To receive reimbursement, you may need to file a claim and submit supporting documentation that validates your claim eligibility. Read on to find out more about claiming travel insurance prior to travel.

If you need to cancel your trip

You may find you need to cancel your travel due to reasons outside your control. If this is the case, you may be able to cancel your flight and be reimbursed if you have an eligible reason. However, this reason would need to be detailed in your travel insurance policy.

Medical: In the case of trip cancellation claims related to medical issues, it may be necessary to provide medical support from a doctor. If you need to cancel your trip before departure due to injury or illness, it’s advisable to consult a doctor and obtain documentation that confirms your inability to travel. This requirement may apply even if you have a pre-existing condition, have obtained the pre-existing medical condition waiver, and are familiar with managing your condition. Ultimately, the key is to provide the necessary documentation to substantiate your claim to the insurance company. If in doubt, ask your insurer what evidence they need.

Family emergency: An unexpected and severe illness impacting a close family member or business partner may possibly be included in your travel insurance. Check your product disclosure statement (PDS) to see if it’s covered and if there are any conditions and limitations.

Job loss: Experiencing redundancy prior to your planned travel can possibly be claimed under your travel insurance, however its best to check with your insurance provider or PDS.

Cancelled annual leave: If you are a full-time essential worker, such as a police officer or firefighter, having your annual leave revoked due to a crisis requiring your presence, this may be covered under your insurance. Again, check with your provider or in the PDS.


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