Injured Tourist Frustrated by Crucial ‘Life or Death’ Information in Australia Post Travel Insurance

Australian Traveller Denied Coverage for Wrist Surgery in Bali

An Australian traveller has expressed her frustration after breaking her wrist in Bali and being told by her insurance company that she would have to fly back to Australia for treatment. Michelle Fotheringham, from the Gold Coast in Queensland, had signed up for a plan that supposedly covered “unlimited surgeries”. However, when she visited a hospital in Kuta, she was informed that the surgery would cost $15,000 plus additional expenses.

Insurance Company Refuses to Cover Surgery

After contacting Australia Post, her insurance provider, Fotheringham claimed that they refused to pay for the surgery and instructed her to return to Australia for treatment. Despite having comprehensive insurance coverage that included overseas medical expenses, Fotheringham was left disappointed and frustrated by the company’s response.

Choose Travel Insurance Wisely

Fotheringham, who paid $170 for her insurance, urged fellow travellers to carefully review the terms and conditions of their policies. She emphasized the importance of understanding what is covered and advised against insuring with Australia Post in the future.

Insurer’s Response

A spokesperson for Australia Post stated that they are working with Fotheringham to assist with her flight and medical costs. They explained that decisions regarding claims take various factors into account, including the option for customers to return to Australia for treatment if it is safe to do so. It was also mentioned that Australia Post outsources their insurance through a third party, who advised Fotheringham that treatment options would be of higher quality in Australia.


This incident highlights the importance of carefully reviewing travel insurance policies before embarking on a trip. Travellers should ensure they fully understand what is covered and what is not. It is advisable to compare different insurance providers and choose one that offers comprehensive coverage tailored to individual needs.

Quote from the Website Author

“Please check very carefully on what your policy covers you for. I travel to Bali about six times a year and chose to insure with Australia Post — never again!” – Michelle Fotheringham

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