InsureandGo Travel Insurance Review

InsureandGo Travel Insurance Review
InsureandGo Travel Insurance Review

The InsureandGo Comprehensive Travel Insurance policy is available to all Australians up to the ripe old age of 100, with children up to 18 also included if they are travelling with parents or grandparents. (For cruise cover add-ons, Australians are only covered up to 79 years of age).

While InsureandGo won’t cover fraudulent credit card activity, it will cover credit card replacement. Additionally, there is personal liability cover up to $5 million and up to $8,000 for car hire excess cover.

There is unlimited cancellation cover with the InsureandGo Comprehensive Travel Insurance policy, however, there is no cover for missed connecting flights if the stopover on itinerary is less than six hours.

Lost Luggage

InsureandGo provides $15,000 in cover for lost luggage on its Gold policy. There are sub-limits that apply, including $3,000 for laptops, cameras, tablets, mobile phones and the like.

Customers can choose to increase cover limits for certain items if required.

Medical Cover

Unlimited overseas medical expenses are included with InsureandGo travel insurance. This includes emergency surgery, ambulance costs or repatriation.

In regards to pre-existing medical conditions, the InsureandGo website claims that “most conditions” are covered by the policy. However, a medical assessment is required to determine whether cover will be provided, rather than being automatically included in the policy.

Is Dental Cover Included in Medical?

InsureandGo does not include dental in its unlimited medical cover, but it does still provide cover for emergency dental treatment up to the value of $500.

Does it Cover Me for Covid?

Yes, overseas medical expenses related to Covid-19 are covered. Cancellations or trip interruptions due to Covid are also covered for the policyholder and their travelling companions, up to the value of $5,000.

What about Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is included within the unlimited medical cover, with complications of pregnancy and childbirth also covered–but only until week 30 of the pregnancy for individual babies. For multiple babies (such as if you are pregnant with twins), InsureandGo will only provide cover until week 20.

What about Sports and Activities?

InsureandGo provides automatic cover for 90 different sports and activities, which are laid out within its product disclosure statement. There are additional activities that may be covered, but only if certain criteria are met.

The excess payable also varies from sport to sport, so it is essential for travellers looking to partake in sports and activities while abroad to carefully review the InsureandGo PDS.

Examples of activities that will not be covered under any circumstance by InsureandGo include cliff diving, paragliding, running with the bulls and more. InsureandGo states in its PDS that its list of excluded activities is “not a definitive list”, and rather is “intended to provide examples of sports and activities where cover is not available under this policy in any circumstances”.

To be covered for snow sports, travellers will need to purchase the additional snow sports cover.

Customer Service

InsureandGo provides 24/7 emergency assistance to its customers, providing peace of mind if you are overseas and are in need.

For general enquiries, InsureandGo has a non-emergency phone number as well as an email, both of which are monitored from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

The company states that it is currently in the process of upgrading its Claims Website, which means at the time of writing, customers need to submit claims via email after following the instructions online.


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