Introducing a newly launched travel insurance platform designed for brokers

Introducing Aneevo: The Ultimate Travel Insurance Platform for UK Brokers

A new and exciting travel insurance distribution platform has recently been launched exclusively for use by UK insurance brokers. Aneevo, developed by Just Insurance Agents, aims to revolutionize the way brokers access and provide travel insurance to their clients.

Formerly known as Just Travel Cover wholesale, Aneevo has emerged as a separate entity following a split of the company’s direct-to-consumer and wholesale operations. This online portal offers a comprehensive panel of products that cover a wide range of travel insurance risks, including access to innovative parametric insurance for delayed and lost luggage.

Leading the charge as Managing Director of Aneevo is Daley Gore, who expressed his excitement about this new venture. He stated, “The Just Travel Cover name has become synonymous with quality travel insurance in recent years. However, with sustained growth on both sides of our business and significant developments such as the acquisition of Alpha Underwriting and the launch of Smart Luggage, we felt it was the right time to create a dedicated platform exclusively for brokers.”

Why Choose Aneevo?

Aneevo aims to be the go-to system for travel insurance brokers by offering a wide range of products all under one roof. The platform boasts an efficient quote process, a bespoke white label website, and end-to-end branded communications that retain the broker’s identity and drive customer loyalty.

Gore further explained, “Our panel approach and diverse product offerings allow brokers to enter client details once and instantly compare prices from multiple insurers. This not only saves time but also increases conversion rates. With no age limit, cover for pre-existing medical conditions, cruises, winter sports, and high limits for cancellation, emergency medical expenses, and baggage, Aneevo caters to the ever-changing demands of today’s travelers.”

All brokers currently using the Just Travel Cover wholesale portal will be seamlessly upgraded to Aneevo before 29 February, ensuring a smooth transition and uninterrupted service for their clients.

Website Author Quote:

“We are thrilled to introduce Aneevo, the ultimate travel insurance platform for UK brokers. With our comprehensive panel of products and user-friendly features, we aim to empower brokers and enhance their ability to provide top-notch travel insurance solutions to their clients.”


Aneevo is set to revolutionize the way UK insurance brokers access and provide travel insurance. With its wide range of products, efficient quote process, and tailored branding options, Aneevo offers a seamless and convenient experience for brokers and their clients. Don’t miss out on this game-changing platform!

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