The Best Cruise Travel Insurance Options: Our Top Picks

Why Cruise Insurance is a Must for Game Theme Lovers

When it comes to traveling overseas, having travel insurance is always recommended, and this holds true for cruise vacations as well. As game theme lovers, we understand that cruising offers a unique travel experience, and with that comes specific travel needs. In this article, we will provide you with a brief overview of some common events and coverage that are unique to cruise insurance.

Missed Ports Cover: Ensuring Smooth Sailing Despite Unforeseen Circumstances

Weather can be unpredictable, and it can disrupt even the best-laid cruising schedules. While your itinerary may include planned ports of call where you can explore different destinations, changes can be made due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather restrictions, natural disasters, or mechanical failures.

If you find yourself unable to dock at your designated port or ports, some insurers offer compensation known as missed ports cover. Typically, there is a specific amount of cover for each missed port, such as $250, and a maximum total cover, usually around $750 across the insurance market.

To make a claim with most insurance providers, you will typically need a written statement from the cruise company confirming the reason for missing the port and proof that the port was part of your original itinerary.

Missed On-Shore Excursions: Making Sure You Don’t Miss Out on Unforgettable Experiences

Similar to missed ports cover, missed on-shore excursion cover is designed to protect you when you are unable to attend planned excursions and activities at a port. This could be due to a missed port or other unforeseen conditions.

These unforeseen conditions may include cabin confinement, medical reasons, circumstances beyond your control, or other unexpected events covered under your policy. Typically, there is a limit to the amount of cover provided by insurers, commonly around $1000, which can be used towards the nonrefundable cost of a pre-paid excursion.

Protecting Your Formal Attire: Dressing to Impress on the High Seas

Cruises often feature formal evenings, including themed nights and black-tie events. As game theme lovers, we know how important it is to have the right attire for these occasions. Many cruise-goers pack tuxedos, evening gowns, and even expensive jewelry in their luggage.

Insurance policies for formal wear cover may vary from provider to provider. Typically, you will have a monetary value of cover if your formal wear is stolen, accidentally damaged, or permanently lost. Some providers may also cover the cost to hire or replace formal wear if it is delayed before the vessel’s departure.

It’s worth noting that some policies may not have formal wear cover specifically but include it as a sub-limit within the general lost luggage cover included in the policy.

Ensuring Your Comfort: Cabin Confinement Coverage

As we witnessed during the Covid-19 pandemic, cruise ships can become breeding grounds for infections. Cruise insurance providers have adapted to ensure travelers are protected in case of an outbreak, whether it’s Covid-19 or any other virus.

Most cruise insurance policies offer a cabin confinement allowance if you are confined to your cabin or a medical facility for a certain period. This allowance typically covers a daily stipend for you to use on room service or any other needs you may have while confined. The maximum cover for cabin confinement is usually around $1,500.

Quote from the Author:

“As game theme lovers, we understand the excitement and adventure that comes with cruising. However, it’s important to remember that unexpected events can occur during your trip. By having cruise insurance, you can protect yourself from potential financial losses and ensure a worry-free vacation.”


When embarking on a cruise as a game theme lover, it’s crucial to have the right insurance coverage. Missed ports cover, missed on-shore excursion cover, protection for formal wear, and cabin confinement coverage are all unique aspects of cruise insurance that can provide peace of mind during your voyage. Remember to choose a policy that suits your specific needs and enjoy your game-themed adventure at sea!

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