The Best Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads 2024

The Best Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads 2024
The Best Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads 2024

The Best Travel Insurance Plans for Nomads

After conducting extensive research on travel insurance policies for digital nomads, we’ve chosen the following plans as our top picks.

  1. World Nomads: Explorer Plan
  2. Travelex: Travel Select
  3. Seven Corners: Backpacker
  4. International Medical Group (IMG): Patriot International Platinum
  5. AIG Travel Guard: Annual Plan

Travel Insurance vs. Health Insurance for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads may have different insurance needs based on their travel styles. A comprehensive annual travel insurance policy may work for some, while a travel medical policy would better suit others. Your ideal plan depends on your circumstances and what you want to protect while traveling.

Annual travel insurance covers multiple trips within a year and can provide travel and medical benefits. An annual, multi-trip policy may work for digital nomads who travel to multiple countries for short periods while returning to a home base between trips. 

Travel medical policies could benefit digital nomads residing overseas long-term under a digital nomad-specific visa. Iceland, Croatia, Costa Rica, Spain and more offer visas that allow digital nomads to reside within the country for a specified amount of time. However, these countries may ask you to provide proof of medical insurance that covers you while abroad. Note that U.S.-based health insurance does not always extend abroad. Because travel medical insurance can act as a primary healthcare plan during your travels, it may satisfy the health insurance requirements of various countries welcoming digital nomads. 

Compare Digital Nomad Travel Insurance Plans

See the table below for a direct comparison between providers and our recommended plans. The best way to determine how much these plans may cost you is to obtain a free quote from each company.

How Much Is Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads?

Based on the quotes gathered by our research team, we found the average cost of a travel insurance plan for a digital nomad is $549. We based our data on quotes gathered for a 30-year-old digital nomad traveling to multiple countries or staying in Spain for a year, depending on the plan.

Travel insurance for digital nomads may cost more than a travel insurance plan for a single vacation or short-term trip, according to our research. After gathering quotes from 20 providers using seven different sample traveler profiles, we found the average cost of a single-trip travel insurance policy is $221. This makes a travel insurance plan for digital nomads more than double the cost of a standard policy for single trips. Note that the exact cost of your plan will depend on factors such as your age, travel duration, destination and more. We recommend obtaining a quote from each company in this review to determine how much coverage could cost you.

How Should Digital Nomads Choose a Travel Insurance Plan?

Choosing a travel insurance policy does not need to feel complicated. However, there are several things to consider as a digital nomad when selecting a travel insurance plan. 

Compare Coverage and Costs

We do not recommend settling on the first plan you come across. Comparing coverage and costs across multiple providers can help you better gauge what fits your budget best. When researching, we also encourage you to consider a travel insurance company’s industry reputation and customer reviews. Look at reviews from sites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot to understand how a company handles its claims process and treats policyholders.

Consider Your Travel Style

There are many different types of digital nomads. Some may travel for extended periods across multiple countries. Others may stay in one place for up to a year or take short trips while returning to a home base for a set period. How you travel will affect what kind of travel insurance policy is best to purchase, so being realistic and honest about your travel style can help you choose the right plan.

Address Your Unique Needs

Every digital nomad is different. Some may be more concerned with trip protection, while others deem medical and evacuation coverage most important. Take the time to think about what is most important for your needs. For example, if you’re a digital nomad dealing with a medical issue deemed a pre-existing condition, consider a travel insurance plan that provides a pre-existing medical condition waiver.

Does a Digital Nomad Need Travel Insurance?

Deciding if you need travel insurance coverage is a decision only you can make. However, our research has found there are benefits to investing in travel insurance as a digital nomad. If you plan on taking multiple trips within a year or working abroad for short periods, an annual travel insurance plan can offer financial protection if you need to cancel a trip or experience an interruption. A plan with emergency medical coverage can help cover medical bills related to accidents or unforeseen health issues.

Think about whether you’re willing to pay out-of-pocket for healthcare during your travels as a digital nomad. Also, consider if recouping any non-refundable travel expenses in the event of a cancellation or interruption is important to you. Asking these questions can help you decide whether you need a travel insurance policy.

Is Travel Insurance Worth It For Digital Nomads?

Travel insurance can be worth it for digital nomads spending any amount of time abroad. If you travel to multiple countries as a nomad, a travel insurance plan with trip protection can offer financial coverage if you lose your baggage, experience a delay or miss a flight connection. Plans with medical expense coverage can help offset potentially costly medical bills if you end up injured or sick while abroad. 

While purchasing a travel insurance plan is a personal decision, we encourage you to gather free quotes from multiple providers when deciding on a policy. This way, you can find coverage that fits your unique needs as a digital nomad.

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Insurance for Nomads

The insurance needs of a digital nomad vary from person to person. If you take multiple trips abroad annually and want to protect non-refundable travel expenses, consider a plan with generous trip protection limits. Whereas a plan with high emergency medical coverage may be ideal if you’re more concerned about your health or accidents abroad.

The cost of a digital nomad health insurance policy will depend on factors such as age, travel destinations, time spent abroad, coverage amounts and more. We encourage you to gather free quotes from multiple providers to learn how much a policy will cost you.

Common exclusions found on travel insurance policies include reasonably foreseeable events such as named storms, pre-existing conditions, pregnancy and childbirth, acts of war, extreme sports or activities, and more. You can consult your travel insurance policy to learn more about specific exclusions and limitations.

Some travel insurance policies may cover digital nomads within their home country. However, coverage varies by both provider and plan. Note that travel insurance is not a substitute for a domestic health care plan — it instead offers emergency coverage while you are traveling. Carefully read through a provider’s coverage terms and conditions to learn if it will cover you in your home country and abroad.

Methodology: Our System for Rating Travel Insurance Companies


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