The reasons behind travel insurers’ continued denial of mental health cover

Travel Insurance Providers Discriminate Against Individuals with Mental Health Conditions

A recent investigation conducted by CHOICE, a consumer advocacy group, has revealed that individuals with mental health conditions face discrimination when seeking travel insurance coverage. The study involved mystery shopping 15 different travel insurance providers, and the results were alarming.

Unfair Treatment and Denied Claims

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) has been instrumental in advocating for fair treatment of individuals living with mental illness within the travel insurance industry. In a report published in 2021, PIAC highlighted numerous cases where claims for mental health cover were unjustly denied.

One such case involved a woman who experienced a severe panic attack while traveling in Thailand and required hospitalization for a few days. Shockingly, her claim for medical expenses was rejected based on a blanket mental health exclusion. Furthermore, the insurer suggested that the panic attack could be considered a pre-existing condition due to the woman’s past experience with postnatal depression 16 years earlier.

While the PIAC has successfully represented many individuals who have faced similar discriminatory treatment, these isolated victories have not led to systemic change within the industry.

Advocating for Change

CHOICE, along with organizations like PIAC, continues to push for fairer treatment of individuals with mental health conditions when it comes to travel insurance coverage. By shedding light on these discriminatory practices, they aim to create awareness and drive industry-wide change.

It is crucial for travel insurance providers to reassess their policies and eliminate unfair exclusions that disproportionately affect individuals with mental health conditions. Everyone deserves equal access to comprehensive coverage, regardless of their mental health history.


The findings of CHOICE’s investigation highlight the urgent need for reform within the travel insurance industry. Discrimination against individuals with mental health conditions is not only unjust but also perpetuates stigma surrounding mental illness. It is time for insurance providers to prioritize inclusivity and ensure that all travelers, regardless of their mental health, can access the coverage they need and deserve.

Quote from the Website Author

“Our investigation has revealed a concerning pattern of discrimination against individuals with mental health conditions in the travel insurance industry. It is imperative that we advocate for fair treatment and equal access to coverage for all travelers, regardless of their mental health history.” – CHOICE

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