Tick Travel Insurance Top Cover Review: Pros and Cons

Tick Travel Insurance Top Cover Review: Pros and Cons
Tick Travel Insurance Top Cover Review: Pros and Cons

Tick Travel Insurance provides domestic and international cover, offering policies for single trips and annual cover for multiple trips in a year. The provider covers adults up to the age of 100, while dependent children, up to 18-years-old at time of purchase, are insured for free on an adult’s policy.

As typical of travel insurance, its policies cover trip cancellation or curtailment and journey resumption, due to unforeseen circumstances such as injury or illness, as standard. Cover for travel delay is available on the top policies, with a pay out of $100 per completed hour up to $1,000. Valid reasons for claiming include bad weather, a vehicle breakdown or strike, and experiencing a delay of more than 12 hours.

Tick Travel Insurance’s Top Plan also includes the following standard benefits that form a part of most comprehensive travel insurance policies:

Lost Luggage

This insurer covers the cost of repairing or replacing your lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings up to $7,500. Take note of the $3,000 sublimit— individual limit— on how much you can claim for devices such as laptops, tablets, phones, video cameras and cameras.


Tick Travel Insurance offers unlimited medical cover, which includes cover for ambulance and emergency surgery, repatriation if necessary, and the death of you, or another person insured on the policy.

While the insurer can cover pre-existing conditions (medical conditions you had before taking out the policy), whether you will be eligible for this cover will depend on the details you provide, outlining the condition and its severity, in the medical screening section of the application.

Is Dental Cover Included?

This insurer also extends its cover to dental treatment, paying out up to $500. This is half of what many providers offer, and bear in mind that you can only claim for dental cover for situations where you need immediate pain relief.

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