Understanding the Appropriate Travel Insurance for a Cruise

Everything You Need to Know About Cruise Insurance

As the first-ever Disney cruise prepares to set sail from Australian waters next month and Virgin Voyages launches its highly anticipated ‘adults only’ cruise in December, many Aussies are getting ready to embark on a cruise in the coming months.

Going on a cruise requires less preparation than a traditional holiday, as there’s no need to book accommodation or plan itineraries. However, one important question keeps coming up – what is the best insurance to get if you’re going on a cruise? Read on to find out.

What Type of Travel Insurance Do You Need for a Cruise?

It’s important to note that many travel insurance policies don’t automatically cover cruising. Before setting sail, make sure your travel insurance policy includes cruise cover. If it doesn’t, you can purchase it as an additional add-on to ensure you’re adequately protected. According to Adrian Taylor, Compare the Market’s travel insurance expert and General Manager of General Insurance, failing to do so could leave you financially vulnerable if something goes wrong.

Does Your Insurance Cover You on a Cruise?

Even if you never leave international waters, once your cruise departs from the port, you won’t be covered by Medicare or your private health insurance. It’s crucial to understand this and ensure you have the necessary coverage. Always read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) carefully to understand what is and isn’t included in your cruise cover.

Is Cruise Ship Insurance Worth It?

Just like any form of travel insurance, having cruise ship insurance is always worth it. In case something goes wrong, you could end up spending thousands of dollars out of pocket. Common inclusions for travel insurance with cruise cover include overseas and onboard hospital and medical fees, medical evacuations at sea, cancellation fees for pre-booked arrangements, and more. Depending on your cruise destination and activities, you may need to add specific coverage for activities like scuba diving or snorkelling.

Does Travel Insurance Cover COVID on a Cruise?

Australia’s rules and regulations regarding COVID-19 and cruising have recently been updated. While there are no longer specific recommendations and guidance for COVID-19 on cruises, individual cruise companies may have their own protocols and procedures. It’s advisable to look for a travel insurance policy that includes COVID-19 cover to ensure you’re protected if your travel plans are disrupted due to illness.

When Should I Get Travel Insurance for a Cruise?

It’s best to take out travel insurance with cruise cover as soon as possible to protect against any events that may disrupt your travel plans before departure. This not only covers you while on board but also safeguards any deposits, alterations, or cancellations made between the booking and your cruise departure.

Do Credit Card Travel Insurance Cover Cruises?

Coverage for cruises may vary depending on your credit card provider. It’s important to double-check whether your existing insurance covers cruises or if you need additional coverage.

What is the Best Cruise Ship Insurance for Australia?

To find the best cruise ship insurance for your needs, use a comparison tool like Compare the Market. This will give you an overview of the different insurance policies available. Simply enter your information, select the activities you need coverage for, and find a policy that suits your requirements.

Author’s Quote: “Cruising is a unique experience that requires specific insurance coverage. Make sure you’re adequately protected before setting sail.”

Author’s Conclusion: Cruise insurance is essential for a worry-free vacation at sea. Don’t leave home without it!

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