A Guide to art exhibitions and events in Cairns

Daniel Wallwork – Sunsets and Spinifex

28 Oct to 14 Jan // Cairns Art Gallery

This collection of works delves into the artist’s personal adventures and observations of the landscapes in regional and remote Far North Queensland. Wallwork’s use of materials and techniques reflects his background as an automotive refinisher and spray painter. He has also been actively involved in mentoring individuals in remote Indigenous communities, using art for expression and healing. Sunsets and Spinifex offers an artist’s view of the world, seen at high speed from a car window, capturing the heat, humour, and beauty of the journey.

Melanie Hava – Bugan Mungan

28 Oct to 18 Feb // Cairns Art Gallery

Immerse yourself in the art of Melanie Hava, born in Mount Isa, Queensland. Her work on paper captures the pristine beauty of the Mamu Country, south of Cairns, reflecting the stories passed down by her grandmother about ancient caves, secret places, and the wild rainforest. Melanie’s art pays homage to her ancestral connections, preserving the memories and spirits of the rainforest.

Jessica Loughlin: Of Light

25 Nov to 28 Jan // Cairns Art Gallery

Part of the JamFactory’s ICON series, Loughlin, a celebrated glass artist, draws inspiration from South Australia’s vast landscapes, especially the flat terrains and salt lakes. Her kiln-formed glass creations embody the beauty of emptiness, infinity, and the interplay of light and space. Loughlin’s minimalist approach and limited colour palette create artworks that immerse viewers in a physical, emotional, and spiritual journey, reflecting the essence of the Australian landscape.

Source: tropicnow.com.au

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