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The Travelling Film Festival: Bringing Cinema to Regional Australia

The Travelling Film Festival (TFF) is Australia’s longest running travelling film festival, dedicated to showcasing a diverse range of Australian and international films in regional areas. With over 20 locations visited annually, TFF brings the magic of cinema to audiences in the Northern Territory, Queensland, and New South Wales.

A Cinematic Journey

Established in 1974 by David Stratton, the TFF aims to bridge the gap between regional audiences and the big screen. By bringing films that may not otherwise be accessible to these areas, the festival provides a unique opportunity for locals to experience the power of cinema. The TFF not only presents screenings but also fosters a festival environment that encourages dialogue, community engagement, and interaction.

“One of the great privileges of directing movies is to finally have the opportunity to talk with audiences directly and the people in regional Australia seem pleased that the effort to share and communicate has been made. They feel included in the cultural agenda. That’s a very good thing.” – Peter Duncan, director Unfinished Sky.

A Tailored Film Experience

Each location on the TFF tour receives a curated program designed specifically for its audience. Films are selected in collaboration with local cinemas and film societies, with a focus on diversity in style, mood, and country of origin. Drawing from the previous Sydney Film Festival program, the TFF ensures a captivating lineup that appeals to a wide range of tastes. The festival spans an entire weekend, starting with an exciting Opening Night function on Friday and continuing with screenings of nine feature films and two Australian short films on Saturday and Sunday.

Join the Film Festival Journey

If you’re a fun-loving individual over the age of 21, the Travelling Film Festival is an experience you won’t want to miss. Immerse yourself in the world of cinema, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and connect with film industry professionals. Visit the Travelling Film Festival website for more information and be a part of this extraordinary cinematic journey.

Author’s Perspective: Celebrating Cinema in Regional Australia

As the founder of the Travelling Film Festival, I am thrilled to witness the impact it has on regional Australia. By including these areas in our cultural agenda, we create a sense of inclusivity and provide access to films that enrich and entertain. Join us in celebrating the power of cinema and the joy it brings to communities across the country.

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