NaturallyGC :Bee-utiful Native Stingless Bees

Are you ready to be a bee keeper? A native bee keeper, that is.

Australia is home to some 1,700 species of native bee. Most native bee species are solitary with just 11 species living in colonies. These social bees can be kept in hives, produce honey and don’t sting!

Come along to this workshop and learn the basics on native bees and the important role they play in our environment. We will get to know the inner life of these lovely pollinators and see a live hive. You will pick up lots of tips on managing the native social bees, including how to extract honey from them and propagate colonies.

Aislinn is a beekeeper and manager at Sugarbag Bees. With over 6 years on the job, she has spent a considerable amount of time immersed in all things native-bees. This two hour workshop will entertain and educate you at the same time. This workshop alternates between a slide presentations and a practical session including splitting a hive to build a strong foundation of knowledge and experience.


  • Suitable for adult learning age 12 and above. Not suitable for young children.
  • Further location details provided within the email confirmation as you scroll down
  • This workshop has both an indoor and outdoor component
  • We are unable to accept large group bookings.


You must secure a ticket for all participants attending. If you can’t secure a spot you require at the time of registration please do not book. Each workshop is set to a maximum capacity.

Presented by Sugarbag Bees

Supported by Division 2

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