The Key Events that Contributed to Greene King Pubs Selling Millions of Pints in 2023

Greene King Reveals Top 5 Events in 2023 that Boosted Trade

Pubs giant and brewer Greene King has recently unveiled the five leading events in 2023 that attracted customers and drove trade across its extensive estate. With approximately 2,600 pubs, restaurants, and hotels across England, Wales, and Scotland, Greene King found that St Patrick’s Day was a particularly lucrative day, with a staggering 700,000 pints sold on March 17 this year.

Nick Mackenzie, the chief executive of Greene King, emphasized the significance of pubs as community hubs and popular destinations for celebrations. He stated, “Pubs have always been at the heart of communities and that is never clearer than when the nation is coming together to celebrate. Whether it’s a day off work or a sporting event, pubs are often the destination of choice. With the Olympics and Euro’s next year, we’re looking forward to welcoming even more people through our doors.”

Greene King, which operates 288 pubs in London alone, analyzed events that generated the highest number of pints sold across their business. Here are the findings as of December 27:

5) FA Cup Final, Manchester United vs Manchester City – June 3

Over 350,000 pints were sold throughout the day when City beat United two goals to one.

4) Spring Bank Holiday – May 27

With temperatures soaring into the twenties, it comes as no surprise that close to 400,000 pints were enjoyed on this day.

3) The Six Nations

Over nine days, more than three million pints were poured during the rugby tournament. The England vs Scotland match on the opening day experienced particularly high demand.

2) The King’s Coronation

The coronation of the country’s new King saw a remarkable 562,000 pints poured in celebration.

1) St Patrick’s Day

A staggering 700,000 pints were sold across Greene King pubs on this festive day.

In April, Mackenzie expressed optimism for a “much-needed” boost in trade following a challenging start to 2023 due to soaring energy bills. He stated, “Pubs were set for a ‘coronation boost’ after facing a challenging start to 2023 amid soaring energy bills.”

Author’s Quote:

“The events of 2023 have truly showcased the power of pubs as gathering places for celebrations. We are thrilled to have witnessed such tremendous support from our customers during these key moments. As we look ahead to the future, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming Olympics and Euro’s, where we hope to welcome even more game enthusiasts through our doors.”

Author’s Conclusion:

Greene King’s analysis of their top events in 2023 highlights the significant role that pubs play in bringing communities together. From St Patrick’s Day to sporting tournaments, these occasions have proven to be major drivers of trade for the company. With exciting events on the horizon, Greene King looks forward to continuing their tradition of providing memorable experiences for game lovers and pub-goers alike.

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