Residents of Toowoomba Council are invited to attend the 2024 Australia Day Fete

Join the Celebrations: Toowoomba Region’s Australia Day Events

Residents of Toowoomba Region are invited to attend the 2024 civic Australia Day award presentations and celebrations on Friday, January 26. It’s a day filled with festivities and a perfect way to mark our national day.

Toowoomba Region Mayor Geoff McDonald encourages residents to join the celebrations happening across the Region. Regardless of where you choose to celebrate, we are fortunate to live in this special part of Australia.

Celebrating Our National Spirit

The Toowoomba Regional Council Australia Day coordinating committee, along with various Council staff and community volunteers, have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to organize these civic activities. They urge residents to fly the Aussie flag and participate in the events to share the national spirit.

Australia Day is a fitting occasion to celebrate the diverse attributes and values of our national character. It’s a day to honor our achievers and community-minded citizens. Councillors will be attending events throughout the Region.

Mayor McDonald Presents Awards

Mayor McDonald will be presenting the Toowoomba service area Australia Day awards and the W. H Groom scholarship award at Picnic Point from 9.30am. It’s a special moment to recognize the outstanding contributions made by individuals in our community.

In addition, a ceremony will be held on January 25 where one hundred residents will receive their Australian citizenship certificates. This allows our new citizens to fully participate in the January 26 functions as Australian citizens. It is an honor to welcome them and share their joy at becoming Australian citizens.


As we celebrate Australia Day, let us reflect on the best aspects of living in this great country. It’s a day to come together, have fun, and appreciate the values that make us proud Australians. So, join the festivities, fly the Aussie flag, and embrace the national spirit!

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