Bookie fined $100k after gambler’s 35-hour spree

A Victorian-registered bookmaker has been fined $100,000 after allowing a customer to lose more than $30,000 during a 35-hour gambling spree.

The MintBet customer placed more than 327 bets through an online account, losing $31,149 over a period of time that is considered a red flag for operators.

Online bookmaker MintBet was fined after a punter went on a 35-hour gambling spreeCredit: Facebook

The gambler was shutdown only when the punter “actively identified they were experiencing harm from their gambling”.

The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission found that MintBet had breached its Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct in relation to extended periods of gambling by a customer.

The commission did not name the punter nor reveal what they had been gambling on for 35 hours of a 50-hour period.

MintBet operator Casey McCutcheon was contacted by this masthead, but said he was seeking legal advice and was unable to comment.

The commission found that MintBet did not have the adequate systems in place to ensure that a vulnerable customer did not lose control of their gambling.

On top of the fine, MintBet is required to respond to the commission about what improvements it will make to its systems and processes.

The commission will then decide whether further action is necessary.


“Victorian gambling providers must comply with their responsible gambling codes of conduct,” commission chief executive Scott May said on Tuesday.

“They exist to protect people from gambling harm. Even if accepting bets online, providers must monitor for and intervene when customers are displaying indicators of distress.

“Gambling for an extended period is a key indicator of distress that may indicate problem gambling.

“There are serious consequences for any gambling provider that fails to comply with their own responsible gambling code of conduct. We won’t tolerate it.”

MintBet and its online sister website MintSports produce regular social media clips on which horse racing and greyhound experts give their tips for key meetings.

Australia’s largest corporate bookmaker, Sportsbet, was fined more than $13,000 in May last year over its failure to intervene when a new customer went on a 24-hour betting spree in 2019.

The Northern Territory Racing Commission found Sportsbet had allowed one of its customers to deposit more than $15,000 over a 24-hour period less than a week after the customer opened their betting account in October 2019.

The commission found Sportsbet failed to intervene until the customer reached the group’s “red flag” threshold of depositing more than $20,000 in a single month, a milestone he reached the week he opened the account.

The customer lodged a complaint against Sportsbet in the hope the Northern Territory Racing Commission would find that all or some of the bets they placed between October 1 and October 6 were unlawful, so the wagerer would have to return some or all of the monies back to them.

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