The Queensland Greens explain their rationale for accepting funds from a professional gambler

Political Donations and the Gaming Industry in Queensland


Are you a fan of gaming and interested in the political landscape surrounding it? In Queensland, the gaming industry has become intertwined with political donations, raising questions about the influence of money on policy decisions. Let’s dive into the details.

Political Networking Events

Clubs Queensland, an organization representing clubs in the state, has been contributing funds to both the Labor and LNP parties. This financial support grants them access to political networking events, with Labor charging a hefty $11,000 annual fee. The Queensland Hotels Association, whose members also operate poker machines, follows a similar pattern.

The ALH Group’s Donations

The ALH Group, one of Queensland’s largest poker machine operators, has made donations to the LNP but not to Labor. This raises questions about the motivations behind their political contributions and potential implications for policy decisions.

Star Entertainment’s Contributions

Star Entertainment, a prominent player in the gaming industry, has previously donated to both the LNP and Labor. However, their contributions ceased in early 2019 when they allocated $23,300 to Queensland’s opposition party. The absence of recent donations from Star Entertainment raises curiosity about their current stance on political funding.

Views of Labor’s Mayoral Candidate

Tracey Price, Labor’s mayoral candidate, has been accused by the LNP of aligning with the Greens. However, she denies supporting the minor party’s policy. Price emphasizes the importance of community clubs and opposes measures that would reduce their revenue stream. She argues that banning pokies in clubs with council leases would only lead to lost revenue, as customers would seek alternative venues like local pubs or hotels.

LNP’s Response

LNP Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner declined to address specific questions regarding the policy. A spokesperson stated that the council does not receive revenue from poker machines and only handles club leases. This response leaves room for further exploration of the LNP’s stance on gaming-related issues.

Author’s Insight

“The intertwining of political donations and the gaming industry in Queensland raises concerns about the influence of money on policy decisions. As game enthusiasts, it is crucial for us to stay informed about these dynamics and understand their potential impact on our favorite pastime.” – [Author’s Name]


The relationship between political donations and the gaming industry in Queensland is complex. The contributions made by various organizations raise questions about their motivations and potential influence on policy decisions. As game lovers, it is essential for us to stay engaged and informed about these developments to ensure the integrity and fairness of our gaming experiences.

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