Unaware Keno Player Discovers $1.8 Million Jackpot Win

Someone in Australia Could Be Unaware of Their $1.8 Million Keno Jackpot Win

There is a lucky individual walking around Australia with a ticket worth almost $1.8 million in their pocket, and they may not even know it yet. The massive jackpot was won in a Keno Classic 10 Spot game, defying odds of nearly 9 million to one.

The winning ticket was purchased in draw 634 at the Twin Towns Juniors club in Tweed Heads South. However, the winner has yet to check their ticket and begin the prize claim process.

Keno: A Rare Chance for Big Wins

Keno wins of this magnitude are quite rare. Unlike lotteries, Keno allows players to choose how many numbers they play, which often leads to more favorable odds but smaller payouts.

To win a lottery-sized jackpot in a 10-spot Keno game, all 10 of the player’s chosen numbers must appear in the same draw. With 20 numbers drawn between 1 and 80 each game, the odds of this happening are extremely slim.

A Potential Poor Reward for Great Odds

When the fortunate player finally discovers their ticket, they may not mind that the payout of $1,779,864.20 is statistically a poor reward for the true odds of 8,911,712 to one. They might also be unaware that Australians lost over $300 million on Keno in the most recent 12-month period.

Keno: A Small Fish in the Gambling Sea

While Keno may not be as popular as other forms of gambling in Australia, it still contributes to the overall gambling losses. In the same 12-month period, Australians lost $21.2 billion on gambling, with over $300 million specifically on Keno.

According to Keno, players across the eastern states of mainland Australia celebrated wins of more than $1.34 billion in the 2022-23 financial year. The total amount bet during this period was estimated to be close to $2 billion.


For those who enjoy the thrill of gambling, Keno offers a unique opportunity for big wins. While the odds may be stacked against players, the potential for life-changing jackpots makes it an enticing game. So, if you have a Keno ticket in your pocket, it’s worth checking to see if you’re the lucky winner of a multi-million-dollar prize.

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