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Coongy Day at the Caufield Cup Carnival

The Caufield Cup Carnival continues on Wednesday with Coongy Day, offering an exciting lineup of races for horse racing enthusiasts. The weather is perfect, the track is in good condition (rated 4), and the rail is positioned 12 meters out for the entire circuit.

Tips for the Races

Here are some tips to help you make informed decisions:

Race 1:

Top picks: 4-8-2-1

Race 2:

Top picks: 12-1-13-9

Race 3:

Top picks: 4-5-8-1

Race 4:

Top picks: 7-4-5-3

Race 5:

Top picks: 7-8-4-5

Best bet: Race 5, No. 7 – Shock ‘Em Ova

Race 6:

Top picks: 2-14-9-3

Race 7:

Top picks: 2-1-14-11

Race 8:

Top picks: 13-7-15-1

Next best: Race 2, No. 12 – Gregolimo


If you’re feeling lucky, consider the following quaddie selections:

$81 for 100%

Race 5: 7-8-4

Race 6: 2-14-9

Race 7: 2-1-14

Race 8: 13-7-15

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“Coongy Day at the Caufield Cup Carnival” – A thrilling day of horse racing for game enthusiasts.


“Coongy Day at the Caufield Cup Carnival” offers an exciting opportunity for horse racing fans to enjoy a day of thrilling races. With perfect weather, a good track, and top picks for each race, it’s bound to be an exhilarating experience. Don’t forget to check out the Same Racer app for an enhanced racing experience. Set a deposit limit and enjoy the excitement responsibly!”

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