Report reveals increase in number of holidaymakers opting out of travel insurance

Report reveals increase in number of holidaymakers opting out of travel insurance
Report reveals increase in number of holidaymakers opting out of travel insurance

Holidaymakers Opting Out of Travel Insurance to Save Money

A recent study conducted by Finder reveals that a significant number of holidaymakers are choosing to forgo travel insurance in order to cut costs. The survey, which included 1,062 respondents, 718 of whom have traveled within the past year, found that 46% of participants had made adjustments to their travel insurance plans to reduce expenses.

Altering Travel Insurance Plans to Cut Costs

The research indicates that 15% of respondents decided to skip travel insurance altogether as a means of reducing expenses. Additionally, 21% opted for the cheapest available travel coverage. Other cost-cutting measures included insuring only a portion of the trip (10%), avoiding certain countries to prevent increased insurance costs (9%), and providing false information on insurance applications (8%).

The Risks of Traveling Without Insurance

Angus Kidman, a travel insurance expert at Finder, warns against the dangerous trend of skimping on travel insurance. Despite the pressure of rising living costs, the desire to travel remains strong among Australians. However, Kidman emphasizes that cutting corners with travel insurance can have serious consequences. An unforeseen emergency abroad can lead to financial ruin without adequate coverage.

Kidman states, “If you can’t afford insurance, you shouldn’t be traveling in the first place.”

The Consequences of Providing False Information

Kidman also highlights the potential repercussions of lying on insurance applications. He explains that it constitutes insurance fraud and can result in lifelong consequences. If detected, individuals may be denied coverage and face difficulties obtaining insurance in the future. Kidman advises individuals who have provided incorrect information on their application to rectify the situation with their insurance company before embarking on their trip.

Choosing Affordable Insurance Options

Kidman reassures travelers that there are insurance options available to suit every budget. He suggests comparing multiple travel insurance policies to find the coverage needed at an affordable rate.

Author’s Quote: “Travel Insurance is a Necessity, Not a Luxury”

“Travel insurance is not something to be taken lightly. It is a necessity for any traveler, regardless of budget. Cutting corners on insurance can have severe consequences and jeopardize your financial stability. Don’t risk it – make sure you have adequate coverage before embarking on your next adventure.”

Author’s Conclusion: Prioritize Your Safety and Financial Security

When it comes to travel, it is crucial to prioritize your safety and financial security. While it may be tempting to save money by skipping or skimping on travel insurance, the potential risks far outweigh the short-term savings. Protect yourself and your finances by investing in comprehensive travel insurance that suits your budget. Remember, a little extra expense now can save you from significant financial burdens in the future.

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