Fireballs flock to Geelong | Geelong Independent

The entertainment continues for Geelong sailing enthusiasts, with the Royal Geelong Yacht Club hosting two more prestigious events this month.

The National Fireball Championships were held this week from Monday, February 5 to Thursday, February 8, swiftly followed by the World Fireball Championships beginning today (February 9) and running until Saturday, February 17.

Hot on the heels of the hugely successful Festival of Sails, the two events will see 130 Fireball-class yachts and 260 competitors come to Geelong to fight it out for national and international titles.

The events will see a section of Eastern Beach allocated for additional boat storage, however the reallocation of space does come at a cost.

The beach volleyball will be off-limits to the public for the duration of the championships, affecting up to as many as 300 local teams who regularly compete in the space.

Mayor Trent Sullivan addressed the issue, thanking the community for its understanding and reassuring the public that the court closures were a “temporary measure”.

“The City is honoured to throw its full support behind the National Fireball Championships and the World Fireball Championships,” Mayor Sullivan said.

“In order to facilitate the championships, a designated section of Eastern Beach will be conditionally allocated from 5 to 19 February 2024.

Eastern Beach will be fully reopened on February 20. Visit for more information on upcoming sailing events.


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