Embattled Star group fined $140k for Queensland casino breaches

Embattled Star group fined 0k for Queensland casino breaches
Embattled Star group fined 0k for Queensland casino breaches
Casino operator Star Entertainment has been fined $140,000 plus court costs for breaching casino regulations in Queensland

The casino group pleaded guilty to allowing patrons to purchase gambling chips with credit cards and inadvertently sending promotional material to other “problem gamblers”.

Prosecutor Amanda Bain of Crown Lawyers told Brisbane Magistrates Court the offending was ‘quite significant’, with one patron able to charge $20,000 on gambling chips to their credit card.

Star Entertainment has been fined $140,000 for offences in Brisbane and Gold Coast. (Nine)

“The real impetus, the reason for the seriousness, relates to responsible gambling,” Bain said. 

Star Entertainment pleaded guilty to a total of 11 charges that took place at its Treasury Brisbane casino, and Star on the Gold Coast in 2017, 2018 and 2022.

Defence lawyer Polina Kinchina told the court the offending was not a deliberate breach of Queensland’s Casino Control Act  – blaming it on human error. 

One on occasion, a patron attempting to buy gambling chips with a credit card told a staff member they were paying from a personal account and the transaction was successfully processed through a savings account. 

It was only once a receipt had been issued, the staff member was alerted a credit card had been used.

The court heard four occasions of a credit card being used to purchase gambling chips involved the same patron and same staff member.

“They are more in the nature of isolated incidents than a systemic issue,” Kinchina said. 

Magistrate Shane Elliott took into account that the company had entered an early guilty plea, had self-reported the offending and conducted its own investigation. 

The court proceedings acknowledged Star Entertainment’s ongoing woes – the operator in Queensland alone is under a 12-month supervision order by a special manager – after the state government investigated and fined it one hundred million dollars for neglecting its gaming duties. 

“There is certainly evidence that Star ought to know their obligations would be closely regulated,” Magistrate Elliott said. 

“One only has to sit in criminal courts to see the impacts on people’s lives … from those that are problem gamblers.”

Star Entertainment was fined $140,000, plus court costs of $3250. No conviction was recorded. 

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Source: 9news.com.au

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